Zameni smartphone market, traders waiting for the last week

Due to the Corona epidemic, Eid has been celebrated under restrictions for the last two years. That is why the traders could not do good business. The traders are already preparing to do good business around Eid. Besides clothes, technology products are also sold well in Eid Bazaar. Especially before Eid there is a good demand for smartphones. Young people buy hobby smartphones with Eid salami money. Many people also give smartphones as gifts to their loved ones on Eid. Companies are also seen launching new models of phones around Eid. However, even though the companies have released new phones in the market, the Eid market of smartphones has not come that way.

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With the reduction of Corona infection, it is better to gather buyers in the shops. In the meantime, the clothing market has frozen, but the sale of smartphones has not yet begun in full swing. Smartphone sellers are upset that even though the rosary is half over, it is not selling as expected. However, they expect sales to increase in the last few days of this month.

On Friday (April 23), a crowd of shoppers was seen at the smartphone shop at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital. However, sellers say that even though there are a lot of buyers, the sales are the same as at other times. Buyers are coming, looking at the phone. Bargaining but selling is very limited.

Bashundhara City Level-6 M2M Communications proprietor. Rakib Hossain told Jago News that there is a tendency among the youth to buy gadgets (technology products) on Eid. Many again buy mobile phones for their relatives. They usually buy mid-range phones with extra bonus money. This is the first normal Eid after Corona, but it did not turn out as expected.

Vendors believe that technology is selling less because people do not have money because of the effects of the corona and the rise in commodities.

Rakib Hasan said the price of mobile phones has gone up due to the chip crisis. It has not only increased in Bangladesh, it has increased all over the world. However, most of the new phones that are coming, the price is increasing. After buying the necessary things, someone may be buying Eid clothes. The interest in buying fancy products is less this time. What is usually sold on Eid, this time it is not even 30 percent.

Samsung Local Assembly Partner Fair Electronics Chief Marketing Officer. Mezbah said sales have not started as expected so far. We are far behind than we expected.

He said that the sale of smartphones and gadgets started in full swing from the 15th of Ramadan. 15 days of fasting have passed. We expect the market to recover in the last few days of Ramadan. But this time after a long time I see the electronics market is a little down.

Eid-ul-Fitr on May 2 or 3. For this reason, most of the companies will pay their April salary one or two days before Eid. Even if Eid bonus is given to some organizations, it will become a bonus for all organizations in the middle of this week. At this time, traders think that the market for technology products will recover.

Md. Mezbah Uddin said the market was closed last year due to corona. Even in 2020, there was no trade at all. This is the first Eid after the reduction of Corona infection. We hoped that this time it would be like Eid 2019. But this time around, there are doubts about whether the sale will actually be very good.

‘Everything will be understood in the last week of this month. The first 15 days, people come to the market to see, but less shopping. But after getting bonus in last few days, shopping increased. This time I see less people coming to the shopping malls. I think the market will recover after receiving the bonus, ”he added.

Better online shopping

Although the market for smartphones is not frozen that way, online sales are good, said Nur Mohammad Russell, head of business at popular e-commerce platform or dot com. He told Jago News that there has been good shopping online in the last two years. Shopping is getting better this year. Because our Corona situation is almost under control. Along with fashion products, smartphones and gadgets are selling well.

There is a tendency to buy smartphones online as there are various benefits including gift cards, cashback and discounts. Because it is not available to buy from the store at the price that is available online.

Shawkat Elahi, Chief Operating Officer of, a subsidiary of Walton, thinks that the online smartphone market is good because of the good quality products and various discounts available online. He said, this time we did not focus so much on the smartphone. We are pre-booking a Walton phone, the response is good.

More than 4 lakh smartphones were sold on Eid

Industry insiders say a total of more than 3.5 crore mobile phones are sold every year. One and a half crore of these are smartphones. Several mobile phone factories have set up factories in the country, including Samsung, Xiaomi and Walton. About 80 percent of the supply of mobile phones comes from those factories. And the remaining 20 percent of mobile phones come to the gray market or illegally.

Md. Mezbah Uddin said, on an average eight to nine lakh smartphones are sold here every month. There we see that this sale increased from 11 lakh to 12 lakh during Eid. It can be seen that the sales of smartphones increased by 4 lakh during Eid.

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