You must learn to sing:

One of the most frequently asked questions we ask is: Can someone learn to sing? When you type this question into Google, you immediately see two clear answers: one confidently says yes, the other says no. For some reason both camps are correct – but it’s not that simple! By the way – from our subjective experience: most people can learn to sing! Do you own Here is our detailed answer:

Much depends on how singing is defined: Wikipedia defines singing as the musical use of voice versus speech; Produces distinctive vowels in the distinctive vocal system. So when we say that singing means holding and holding the right notes, not everyone can really learn to sing. Some people can never catch and hold consistent notes – this is commonly referred to as “singing correctly”.

On the other hand, if a child starts to sing, then

Also, the tones are usually not good to start with. Would you say here: The child is not singing (yet)? Hardly likely! So if we understand singing to produce tones that are distinctly different from speech and do not refer to the fluent typing of tones, i. From pure intonation we can say: yes, in principle anyone can learn to sing – the question is how well. The singer sings right or wrong, but she sings!

You must learn to sing:

If we stick to the second definition and say yes, everyone can learn it 풀싸롱! But then there are some limitations: our instrument, i. our body or, strictly speaking, the tuner – vocal cords, throat, diaphragm, resonance chamber – must of course be intact. This is by definition a basic requirement! If so, there’s no reason why someone can’t make a sound with it and should therefore learn how to do it!

Can someone learn to write?

We will probably never ask ourselves this question! But it’s basically the same: if the basic requirements are met – with at least one whole hand – no one doubts that you can learn to write. Some write well, others have barely legible handwriting – but they both write! Sing too. And how important is talent?

This question leads us to the first definition:

Only those who can guess the right note actually sing. Then you have to say: No, not everyone can learn to sing. Some people just have very little musical ability – we could call it talent – even after years of training they can’t or only occasionally play with their voice or notes. Here’s another example: some people just find it hard to do math in school: no matter how much they practice and learn, the realm of numbers never opens up to them, it never makes sense or obvious to follow otherwise very simple procedures.

In addition to minimal talent, you must of course sing or want to learn to sing. For example, I know musicians (talent, musicianship, listening, so definitely) who just don’t want to sing. So even the best singing lessons won’t help if you don’t want to show your voice (one has to do it with the other).

In addition, the gift determines how hard the singer really has to work to get. Great talent allows you to progress where other less talented singers take more time, practice and training.

Are the great voices – the stars – extraordinary talents?

Of course, everyone has a special talent, and many of them are certainly above average. But remember: many of them just put too much work into their voice! Hard work, dedication and good singing lessons can of course only make up for the lack of talent.

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