Yoga asanas will get rid of gas, constipation, and acidity

Yoga For Gas Acidity And Constipation: Doing yoga helps in reducing the risk of almost all physical problems and staying healthy. This is the reason why it is definitely recommended to practice yoga daily, doing so is beneficial for your overall health. Practicing yoga for just 20 minutes daily helps in maintaining your physical, mental, skin, and hair health as well. This makes the body flexible, tones the muscles, and also increases flexibility in the bones you can join Yoga in Bali. But do you know that the practice of some yogasanas can prove to be very beneficial to overcome stomach-related problems? Yes, you read that right!

Most of us face problems like gas, constipation, bloating, acidity, indigestion, and poor digestion in the stomach on a daily basis, and have been engaged in taking various measures to get rid of them. Still, there is no special relief to be found in the problem. But with the help of some yogasanas, you can easily avoid stomach-related problems and get relief from them. In this article, we are telling you 3 yoga asanas for gas, constipation, and acidity in the stomach. 


Yoga for gas, constipation, and acidity


1. Pawanmuktasana

The practice of this yoga asana is very beneficial for the stomach. It helps in maintaining the balance of Vata in the body and relieves constipation.

Method of doing Pawanmuktasana-

  • To practice this asana, first lie down on the ground on your back, now spread your arms and legs.
  • During this, your palms should be in the sky. In this way, you will come in Shavasam Mudra.
  • Now join both legs, then try to slowly bring the thighs near the chest by bending the knees.
  • Interlock the fingers of the hands and press them into the knees and calves.
  • Exhaling slowly, move your shoulders forward so that your chin touches your knees.
  • By doing this, there is a stretch in the waist.
  • Keeping your eyes closed, focus your attention on your waist. Now breathing normally, stay in the position for some time, breathe out and leave.
  • Now, while exhaling, place the head and shoulders on the ground again, straighten the legs and come back to the Shavasana posture.


2. Mandukasana

Its practice is very beneficial in removing the problem of gas and constipation, as well as it stretches the spine and removing stiffness in the muscles.

Method of doing Mandukasana-

  • To do Mandukasana you have to sit in Vajrasana
  • Make fists with your hands, again bring them near your navel and place them around the navel and thighs. During this, your fingers will remain towards the stomach.
  • Now while exhaling slowly, try to bend forward, and bring the chest down in such a way that it is adjacent to your thighs.
  • While bending, you should have maximum pressure on the navel.
  • Then lift the head and neck upwards and keep your eyes in front.
  • During this, keep breathing and exhaling, but slowly.
  • Then come back to the normal position while breathing.


3. Gaumukhasana

It is very effective in problems like piles, constipation, and cervical. Apart from this, it increases flexibility in the body and provides many health benefits.

Method of doing Gomukhasana-

  • For this, you have to sit in Sukhasan posture.
  • Now try to pull your left leg towards the body.
  • Then keeping the right leg over the thigh of the left leg, pull it towards the body.
  • Bring the right hand over your shoulders, bending it near your elbow, try to move it behind the back, and take it as far back as you can.
  • Do the same with the other hand as well.
  • Then, while pulling both hands, try to join them together and hold them.
  • Take 10-12 breaths in this pose. Then, opening both hands, come back to the normal posture.

With the help of the practice of these yoga asanas, you can easily get rid of stomach-related problems, practicing them every morning will give more benefits.

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