write for us – Ham Sabki Aawaz

write for us – Ham Sabki Aawaz

Are you fascinated by the technological revolution being created from the on Demand Economy. Since the beginning of time, we’ve tried to establish Juggernaut’s Blog as the top places to find out more on the latest trends, their implications and potential implications for everyone involved in the way it is applicable to the on Demand Economy.

Blog’s main goal is to provide value to entrepreneurs seeking to build disruptive platforms, as well as relevant participants in existing businesses that want to keep one step ahead of the competition.

In the process , we’ve developed something that a lot of our readers consider as an online Wikipedia to create platforms that are on demand. Although we’re not quite there yet, I’m sure that your initial enthusiasm in the concept of Guest posts will help us get one step closer to achieving our goal.

write for us – Ham Sabki Aawaz

We provide weekly updates about ODE to our strong 15000 super targeted base of investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from a variety of companies.

We get approximately 50000 unique visits (Mar’16) on our blog every month (increasing 10 per cent MoM).

The editors are of the Uber for X Medium publication and managers of a flourishing on Demand Economy page on Linkedin.

What Should You Write About

We’re not trying to limit your creativity, however, here are some general suggestions to help you get going –

  1. In the Interest Economy Thoughts, Commentary, Predictions, etc.
  2. Business Models: What’s working and what isn’t?
    a. Generic comment on ODE platforms
    B. Best practices/guidelines on the best practices in particular verticals
  3. Possibility of ODE to disrupt existing value chains of value in the industry
    A few among the verticals that we can see lots of activity and potential include –
    a. Beauty and Wellness
    b. Transportation
    C. Delivery
    D. Home Services
    e. Consumer Services
    F. B2B, for example.
  4. News, Analysis, PostMortems of startups attempting to scale the ODE platforms
  5. Technology components Technology components
    Technology has become a commodity
    APIs from 3rd parties
    The technology platform is being developed.
  6. Marketing – Attracting and engaging, as well as retaining demand and supply
    a. Solution to the egg and chicken problem
    b. Attaining the critical mass
    C. Offline or Digital Marketing methods to gather demand and supply
    D. growth hacking platforms
  7. Enterprises, Small Business
    a. How can you remain relevant within the new technology trends that are disruptive
    b. How can we make offline-online integration a reality?
    C. trends – customers expect Omni-Channel Services; Supply moving toward a crowdsourced model Models for growth of assets getting more important
    D. Examples of businesses that are embracing the changes
  8. Startup Stories

Submission Guidelines

  • Posts should have “AT LEAST!” 700plus words, and at a minimum. We only want the very best for our visitors and posts that are shorter than this are less beneficial.
  • We will only accept articles which are in English currently.
  • The content should be written entirely by the author and completely original! We will check ALL submissions to ensure that they do not violate copyright.
  • No bad language
  • Our editorial staff reserves the right format and edit the content submitted.
  • Include images to communicate your message. But don’t do it to make it look better. If you’re writing tutorials, make the screenshot.

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Giving You Full Credit

If you succeed when you submit an post to us we’ll provide you with all credit at the end of your article with a prominent ‘bio’. In this section, you can add some information about you and your site and the links for you Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles.

Send out an email at [email protected] Feel free to share some ideas for posts that we can examine if you’re not certain. Links to previous work are also welcome. If you’re sure that your idea is in line with the above guidelines, you are welcome to upload an essay in a Word document.

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It usually takes us up to 48 hours to review the request Please be patient. We will certainly respond to you within the timeframe you specified.


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