World Putin claims victory in Mariupol

He declared the city “free” on Thursday. However, hundreds of Ukrainian troops are still trapped in the city’s Azhavstail steel plant.

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Putin has already canceled plans to attack Mariupol’s last stronghold, Azvastaile.

In a televised meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the Kremlin, Putin said there was no need to engage in a final confrontation with the latest resistance fighters.

He said, “I think the proposal to book a storm in that industrial area is unnecessary. I am ordering it to be canceled. ” Instead, Putin ordered that the entire industrial area be cordoned off in such a way that not a single fly could escape.

At the Kremlin meeting, Putin congratulated Shoigu and the troops on his behalf for successfully ending the fight to free Mariupol.

Shoigu estimates that there are 2,000 troops inside the Azvastail factory. Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently issued an ultimatum to hand over the troops. He said that if they listen, they will be treated with respect.

But after that ultimatum, with the decision not to attack the factory and the victory in Mariupol, Putin can now claim the first major victory in the Ukraine war; Especially after Russian troops withdrew from northern Ukraine last month and failed to capture the capital, Kiev.

But even after months of besieging Mariupol and destroying the city with brutal attacks, Putin did not win the victory he had hoped to win.

Ukraine has ridiculed Putin’s decision not to launch an attack on the Azovstyle factory in Mariupol, saying he acknowledged that he (Putin) lacked troops to defeat Ukrainian forces.

Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, told a news briefing that “they (Russian forces) cannot occupy Azovstyle by force, they understand that.” There they have suffered heavy losses. Our resistance fighters are in control of the factory. “

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