Windows Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting: Key Differences


People and organizations can use web hosting services to build and host different websites. A website hosting provider offers tools and platform that allows individuals to access these websites via the internet. These service providers, in reality, present a variety of plans to meet a variety of requirements. Let’s examine two of these categories in greater detail: shared and reseller hosting.

Most hosting services use an operating system as their foundation upon which the website fully operates its day-to-day tasks. Linux and windows are the two commonly used options.

Therefore, the most cost-effective web hosting option is cheap windows shared hosting. It’s ideal for one-page websites, small businesses, and low-traffic websites. People who want to host many websites or offer hosting services can use windows reseller web hosting. It’s important to note that reselling is prohibited on shared hosting services.

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

Multiple websites can share a common server using this hosting strategy. It’s great for modest websites and forums that don’t require a lot of bandwidth or a complicated setup. Furthermore, on the server, all resources, like RAM, CPUs, as well as the mail server, are distributed among users.

You can operate an unlimited number of domains on your shared account by importing domains to the “Addon Domains” section of cPanel.

Pros and Cons of Shared Windows Hosting


1. cPanel has an easy-to-use interface:

To administer and implement modifications to your web hosting service, you receive access to a user-friendly cPanel control panel. It also includes tools for controlling your website builder, uploading files and graphics, checking website statistics, setting up email accounts, and installing an SSL certificate.

2. Multi-Domain Hosting:

A popular misunderstanding is that you can’t host multiple websites on the same windows shared server. Consider it falsified, as the “Addon Domain” function allows you to add more domains as well as host them on the very same server.

3. It’s a Budget-Friendly Option:

The cheapest choice for hosting is windows shared hosting. As a result, if a shared server is the best option for your company, it will fit comfortably into your wallet.

4. It’s a matter of practicality:

Your website is managed for you by windows shared hosting service providers. This allows you to concentrate all of your attention on expanding your company as well as your website.


1. Downtime

When too many people share a server, it might slow down your website but also cause a lot of downtimes. In most cases, hosting companies take precautions to avoid this. Even a surge in traffic for other sites utilizing your server can cause yours to slow down.

2. Execution

When you use Best windows shared hosting, anything that surfaces from the server to another site can impact your uptime & performance. If any one of those other websites has a rush in traffic, it will slow down your website. Potential clients abandon a website that takes too long to load.

3. Safety and protection

Although service providers implement tools to secure your website, security cannot be guaranteed. Because there are a lot of people sharing the same server. If your website is hacked, it will have an impact on either site on the server.

What is Reseller Hosting?

This type of web hosting permits accounts holders to operate third-party websites using their allocated RAM & bandwidth. They essentially acquire wholesale hosting services and then break them into separate plans that they offer to people.

Account owners can utilize their cPanel to establish and administer multiple cPanel hosting services with reseller web hosting packages. They can do it with the use of WHM (Web Host Manager). Each account will receive its own set of resources, as well as a unique login and password. This hosting option is ideal for developers or individuals who want to resell hosting services. You have a variety of reseller packages to select from. Depending on whatever cPanel you select, you can make arrangements to ensure 250 separate accounts.

Pros and Cons of Reseller hosting

PRoS And CONS of WIndows Shared Hosting (1)


  • It’s a simple method to make good money without having to worry about server administration. All you need to do now is choose the ideal reseller web hosting company to help you get started.
  • You have no out-of-pocket expenses because the plan covers all costs associated with server upkeep. The web hosting business will compensate any fees if anything really unexpected happens on the server.
  • You have complete control over your client’s management panel’s styles and user interface.
  • Because the Web Hosting Company covers all technical aspects, you don’t need to be technically competent. Furthermore, this comes at no additional expense to you.


  • Since you only have restricted access to the server, you depend largely on your service provider.
  • Changing your hosting provider is challenging because it involves moving your customers’ information as well.

Reseller and Windows Shared Hosting Use Cases

Shared windows server hosting is ideal for organizations or people that don’t need a lot of RAM as well as bandwidth for their website. It’s suitable for people who are new to website development because shared hosting providers handle the heavy lifting by handling site layout and domain maintenance.

Reseller web hosting is great for independent developers as well as entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and business. Only your disc space limits the number of clients you can have.

Key Difference Between Windows Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting

So although you split a server, you have direct access to resources for the website using windows shared hosting plans. You are not permitted to sell any more resources to 3rd parties if you have any. And if you do have any additional resources, you are not allowed to sell them to third parties. You can, however, host an unlimited number of domains; even so, you cannot trade them.

Reseller hosting, on the other side, permits you to purchase bandwidth and storage space and afterward resell it to others. Despite the fact that you will not be allowed to navigate the server with your login, you will have complete access to a particular panel of your reseller customers. You can become a web hosting provider with reseller hosting.


The decision to choose between Windows shared hosting or reseller hosting comes dependent on how you want to use it as well as how much control you require, just as it is with any other type of hosting.

If all you need is a place to host your website and your company, windows shared web hosting would satisfy. Reseller hosting is a smart avenue to examine if you’re intending on running many sites or if you’re a freelance with the grand plan of multiple companies at your fingertips. We hope that whichever road you take is full of prospects for growth and profit — therefore discover more about Hostbillo solutions and services today.

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