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Window Treatment Ideas for Arched windows 

With window treatments, one size certainly does not fit all, often not even within the same room. Arch windows are a graceful addition to any room and often become the focal point with their beautiful shape. The curvature on top gives an idea of space and makes the room look roomier. You can adapt it for modern home décor with minimalist window treatment or classic home décor with elegant window covers.

It is essential to customize the window cover to the shape of the window to highlight the arches. Window treatment designers offer customized blinds, shades, and shutters highlighting the arches. One can cover the arches or leave them untouched, but they must respect their shape. If you were to cover the shape of the window arch, going for a regular square, rectangular window cover, you would take up more space on the walls.

Is it a French window, door, or window

A room can have arched doors, windows, or a French window for which one would like to create a treatment. If you visit a plantation shutters saleyou will find many options already customized to fit an arched window cover. For indoor spaces, if you want to add a cover on the arch to create a room separator, you can choose plantation shutters. It will not only separate the room, but you can draw the vanes open or shut to block or reveal the view in the other room.

For windows of all sizes, you can add vanes to cover the arch and install window treatment below them. You cannot alter drapes to highlight the arch, but they can be placed to hover over the window. And you can add sheer curtains underneath that will show off the window in its entirety.

Pick Treatment that highlights the arches and does not cover it

One can choose a layered window treatment with shades and shutters to create a window treatment that will not cover the arch. There are some window treatment alternatives where you can draw the blinds or shades open to the point where the shape of the window is uniform. In the case of Roman shades, the window treatment will cascade gracefully when you draw up them. Many combi shades options have specifically designed arch-shaped coverings that can be drawn open and shut separately.

One can also choose an arched covering for the window treatment, such as blackout blinds, cellular vanes, pleated arches, light filtering arches, or mini blinds. These alternatives are specially designed for the arches. It can be chosen for overhanging arches atop the main doors, in the attics, and in other parts.

Treatment for bay or bow window

Bay and bow windows are magical, and with arches, they give a spectacular look to the room. The arches of this window add to the sheer size of the windows. You can layer them with mini blinds and sheer curtains. If you want more coverage for privacy, temperature control, or light filtering, you can go for combi shades with blackout and thin layers. Many bays and bow-shaped windows have arches, and there are many alternatives to design their coverings. Heavy draperies are an excellent choice, layered with sheer shades or curtains. If the window takes up an entire wall, you can alternate the window treatment with shades and shutters or honeycomb shades and vertical blinds.

Choosing prints and colors

Mostly, with arched windows, everyone choose elegant solid colors. But one can even opt for graceful prints or pop colors per the room décor. Solid colors or dark patterns will help cut the glare if the room gets harsh sunlight. One can choose solid-colored plantation shutters layered with patterned draperies, or you can have the plantation shutter painted with a design and add solid-colored drapes. Generally, if mini blinds or vanes only cover the arches, the entire window cover is selected in solid colors to match the treatment on the arch.

Material to choose

There is an old-school charm to using wooden plantation shutters or bamboo horizontal. However, naturally, identical PVC shutters and blinds are under budget and meet the beauty and functionality of natural wood material window treatment. You can choose Roman shades in a heavy fabric covering the entire window while adding mini blinds for the arches. One can also select jute or woven cane shades, which give the room an earthy look and keep the room naturally cool on warm summer days. If there is a plantation shutters sale, do not miss out on the variety of alternatives in basswood or PVC that are apt choices for the arched windows and doors. You can customize the shutters with bright or subdued colors per the room décor and ambiance you want to create.

The window or door arches can make a small room appear roomier and bring natural light and warmth to the room. Most window treatment designers have options for different window styles that factors in design and functionality. Thus, to highlight its features, specifically look for custom window treatment for arched windows and doors.

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