Why were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check?

Whenever you hear the word chainsaw then you must be probably thinking about the falling trees or a fictional Texas massacre. But there’s something extra and new to this which will surely make your stomach turn. This invention of the chainsaw is actually linked to bringing the small babies in the world, by hearing this, your doubt of ‘were chainsaws invented to help with childbirth’. We know that it might sound creepy to you but you got to stay with us till the end of the article. 

Now, let us move back to the history of chainsaw so that you can get the answer to your question ‘why were chainsaws invented fact check’. The history of chainsaw goes back to the late 18th century which was a period where childbirth was a matter of life and death whenever a complication arose during pregnancy or the birth of the child. 

Sadly, deaths at that time because of this reason were common; in the 1780s two Scottish doctors whose names were John Aikten and James Jeffery were trying their best to help with this matter and create a tool which could ensure the safety of a baby which could pass safely through the birth canal. 

At that time, caesarean sections were quite dangerous procedures as the infection was high and the mortality rates. So, there was only one way out for the babies who were newly born were through vagina. But this one was difficult, as when the baby was breech or too large, it made them unable to get past through the pelvis of the women.

And during these difficult times the chainsaws invented to make the process smoother and precise as well as quick for both doctor as well as the patient and the best part was that this solution worked for everyone. 

Chain saw was also used for some other used operations like it was used when diseased bone needed to be removed. But later on the chain saw was no more in use and it was no more used during labour, in place of this another new equipment came which was called osteotome and it is still used in medical operations. 

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