Why Russia is so interested in controlling Donbass!

Russia has written to the US Department of the Interior not to send weapons to Ukraine. Russia’s letter sent a warning to the United States. As if they were no longer sending arms to Ukraine. In the letter, Russia warned that if it continued to send arms, it would not be possible to imagine the consequences. The Washington Post reported in a statement.

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Russia issued the warning after the United States announced a new  600 million arms embargo. However, the United States has not backed down from such threats from Russia. They have announced that they will continue to provide arms to Ukraine.

According to the report, for the first time, the United States has announced that it will provide Ukraine with high-powered weapons. These include 11 MI-17 helicopters, 16 155 mm cannons and 300 drones.

According to experts, Russia has said in the letter that it will be more aggressive on the issue of US and NATO arms assistance. Russia warned on Wednesday that it would attack any weapons that entered Ukraine.

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