Why LG 8kg Washing Machine8kg Washing Machine is the Best Buy for Small Families?

One of the foremost criteria you need to remember when venturing to purchase the best washing machine for your home is the size of your family and their requirements. Depending on the members of your family and their requirements only, you need to choose the size of the washing machine. 

If you have a small to mid-sized family, you can very well opt for the LG washing machine 8kg variant. The quality, performance, longevity, and affordability of the LG brand are spot on. The LG washing machine EMI amount is also much lower when compared to other brands. Here is why the LG 8kg washing machine is the best buy for small families. 

  • An adequate capacity

The LG washing machine 8kg models are amazing and have a capacity of 8 kg which is adequate for a small family. If you do not have a large family, you would not have a huge mound of dirty laundry waiting to be washed up. 

An 8 kg capacity would be enough for the clothes of a small family. If you don’t want to pay the entire amount for the washing machine at once, you can learn about the LG washing machine on EMI

  • A Strong and Sturdy Body

The bodies of LG washing machine 8kg models come in two broad classifications. They are the plastic ones and the steel ones. The plastic ones are light in weight and make the washing machine highly portable. 

Whereas the washing machines with a steel body are durable and stronger. This makes a washing machine durable but also makes it heavy. If you do not have to move the washing machine frequently, you can go for a steel one. If you have a small family, you can go with either of the two washing machines, depending on the size. 

You can save yourself from paying the entire sum all at once by buying considering the LG washing machine EMI plans. The LG washing machine EMI starts from a few hundred rupees for an LG washing machine 8 kg. 

  • Twin Wash

This is the signature feature of the LG washing machine 8 kg models. You get two washers in a single washing machine. The front side of the machine has the main front load washer and the bottom has a mini top load washer intact. The front-load washer is used to wash the bulk of regular clothes and the small washer is used for washing delicate clothes.

  • Turbo Wash

The water spray used by the Turbo wash helps in the rinsing of your clothes effectively. The quality of the washing of your clothes in your LG washing machine 8 kg model in the turbo wash mode is really good and gets rid of the toughest of stains. 

It takes less time to wash your clothes with this mode. The roughest and the softest fabrics can be washed up using this model. If you live in a small family and have the soft clothes of a young baby, you can use this mode to wash his sophisticated clothes. 

If you want to buy the washing machine and pay in installments, you can go through the various plans for the LG washing machine EMI. 

  • 6 Motion Technology

This technology of the LG washing machine 8kg model, makes it highly functional and an amazing model to suit all your washing requirements. It furnishes you with a six drum motion which makes the washing of your clothes more effective and efficient by using six motions of washing. 

The six motions are – tumbling, rolling, swinging, stepping, filtration and scrubbing. You need to select a wash program and this technology automatically makes the drum move in different respective directions for superior cleaning of the clothes. You can also go for the option of paying with the LG washing machine EMI which starts from a few hundred rupees per month. 

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