Why is PhD More Prominent than Master’s Degree?

PhDs and master’s are two important stages of students’ educational careers. Both the degrees are significant respectively. Masters provide a basis for Ph.D. because you cannot directly apply for a PhD after completing an undergraduate degree; still, a master’s degree cannot overlap the value of a PhD. Without any doubt, doing a Ph.D. is the most demanding. But the effort one puts forth to this degree, is worth it. This post will explore the relationship and the differences between Ph.D. and a master’s degree. And the reasons why PhD is more celebrated than a master’s.

What are the Differences between PhD and Masters Degrees?

Following are some of the main differences between PhD and a master’s degree. 

  • Degree Length

A Master’s degree is usually a 2 years course while for a PhD you have 4 to 6 years to submit your final dissertations. Some students take even more time to complete a PhD degree. It’s a form of flexible and long-term learning. 

  • Academic Structure

Masters follow a systematic pattern that means it proceeds semester-vice. Proper lectures, seminars, project discussions, and regular classes are conducted at the universities for the master’s students. PhD is a degree based on independent research in which there are no compulsory classes at all. But special classes for the research-related concerns are conducted as per the students’ needs. 

  • Research Purposes

Both PhD and master’s students have to submit the dissertations to get the degree but the dissertation research for both degrees has different purposes. The purpose of the master’s dissertation is to get the degree on the basis of your intelligence and command on the selected topic. While a PhD dissertation does not only aim to get you the degree but also you have to contribute something new and unique to the field you belong to through your research. You can notice this difference by reading a Masters dissertation introduction and a PhD dissertation introduction.

What are the Key Benefits of Having a PhD?

The educational, professional, and personal benefits of the PhD degree make it worthier than the master’s degree. Some of those benefits are as follows. 

  • Opportunities for Professional Career

A master’s degree holder can work outside the domain of academics means he can do a job in the industry but not in the academic sector because he is not considered an expert on the subject. Whereas, along with all the profitable job opportunities in the corporate sector, a PhD degree can also apply for a job within the academics i.e. he can join a top UK university as a professor.

Further, academic writing companies that provide assistance to the students by offering them PhD research proposal writing service or literature review writing help, also hire PhD qualified writers on priority who are experts of their field and can contribute to the credibility of their organizations. The reason is the PhD experts have knowledge of the journals, they are pro at research, and they pursue quality and excellence (thedissertationhelp, 2019).

  • Job Security

As is mentioned above, a PhD degree offers you a professorship while a master’s degree does not, so you must know the importance of this profession. If you get to the Professorship after doing a PhD, there are huge chances of career growth with complete job security, especially if you are doing a professorship at a government university. After a master’s degree it is difficult to get a government job and also a master’s degree holder can easily be replaced by a more qualified individual while serving in the private sector. 

  • Retirement Pension 

A PhD degree assures you after retirement pension while a master’s degree does not guarantee you that. You may get several other perks and benefits by having a masters’ degree such as medical facilities, life insurance, and so on, but only a few organizations offer retirement pensions to master’s degree holders. In the government, there is no reserved pension policy for employees having masters while for PhD qualified it holds the concerned policy.

  • Personal Development

A PhD degree is more valuable than a master’s degree because it contributes to your personal development more than a master’s degree. 

  • Intellectual and Cognitive Skills

It enhances your intellectual and cognitive abilities because when you manage to successfully cope with the PhD research challenges, you automatically learn problem-solving skills, decision-making, critical thinking, and understanding of reason and logic. 

  • Self-Motivation, Courage, and Confidence

When you accomplish a PhD it enhances your confidence. You become self-motivated as it makes you believe that if you can handle such a difficult task then you can achieve anything. It prepares you to courageously face the upcoming challenges of life. 

  • Learning Patience and Tolerance

PhD consumes years of constant hard work. During this period you face several failures and hindrances in your way to success. Multiple times your professors reject your proposals and ideas. So, it teaches you to be patient, no matter what the situation is. Further, you learn to tolerate rude behaviors that help you in your professional life. 

  • Spirit of Both Competition and Collaboration

PhD is done by individual effort while keeping an eye on the competitors. They even share their plans and ideas and take suggestions from each other while keeping themselves focused on their own tasks. Despite showing this spirit of collaboration they don’t let their competitors steal their ideas. This competition and collaboration at a time make them sharp and smarter for business in the future. 

  • Ability to Create and Conquer

A PhD degree teaches you to create and conquer. PhD qualifiers do not run before ideas but ideas chase them. Their contributions to the field do not only get them the ultimate success but they conquer the minds of the reader through their arguments. A master’s degree holder can never do that. 

  • An Honor of Being Called a ‘Doctor’

A PhD-qualified is attributed with the label of Doctor (Sparshu, 2019). It feels so satisfying whenever you listen to the word ‘Doctor’ with your name. It gives you self-satisfaction and boosts your morale. You would never see a master being called a doctor. So, here again, PhD surpasses the master’s degree. 

What’s Your Decision?

The above-mentioned is the detailed account of what exceptional benefits of a PhD make it more prominent than a master’s degree. Now it’s up to you whether you want to stop your learning process on a master’s degree or decide on going with PhD. You must remember that you must have good mental health if you are going to pursue PhD because it will make you chew the iron nuts.


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