Why Getting Your Star Employee a Digital Mastercard Can Be Worth It

Keeping up the morale of your employees is your primary goal as an HR expert. Praise, promotions, and positive feedback work wonders, but sometimes, material rewards work special magic on their own. However, picking out rewards for the best performer each month can be exhausting. 


This is where a digital Mastercard can help you out. This Mastercard may look like an average credit card, but it is much better. As the perfect alternative to cash and cheques, this compact card can do wonders to incentivise your employees.  

Saves Time 

Choosing rewards for different employees each time can get real tedious quickly. If you need an option to make the reward special, but at the same time avoid investing so much time in it, this prepaid gift card is your answer. 


In terms of setting up the card, the process is simple. With minimal administration and no inventory or bank fees, you can have the card active any time between 24 hours to three days. Considering the cashback claims and other benefits it offers, this card is the best thing you can invest in. 

Subtle Advertising 

You can customise the Mastercards that you give out. You can capitalise on this marketing opportunity by adding cool designs and your brand’s logo. People are bound to take notice of your brand whenever your employees whip out this card at their favourite stores.  


Your brand can also partner with retail stores to give employees the best deals and discounts when they shop with this card. Long story short, the prepaid gift card offers numerous networking opportunities for your company. 


Imagine giving the same reward to your best intern, team member, and manager. The results are going to be nothing less than resentment against HR. When you need to give out rewards for different levels of effort that the employees pitched in, the digital Mastercard can be your saviour. 


By loading up a card with an amount up to $9,999, you can incentivise members belonging to different levels of the organisational structure in the right way.  

Spoilt for Choices 

The unpopularity of gift vouchers is that people can only redeem them at certain stores for a specific product or during a particular season. For instance, what if you give out a voucher for dinner at a restaurant to your employee, but they are vegan, and the restaurant doesn’t have an option for them. 


Avoid such mishaps by spoiling your #1 performer with choices. With a prepaid Mastercard, the recipient can redeem their benefits at any store in Australia that accepts Mastercard. This means no more unwanted gifts, only the best shopping experience. 

Reinforcement at its Best

Rewarding employees and boosting their productivity in healthy ways is perhaps one of the best applications of Pavlovian conditioning. By presenting the best performers with this Mastercard, they will remember their mettle and your compensation. This will fuel your employees to keep up the work in the future and improve your company’s output.  

Summing It Up 

Choosing gifts is never easy for an employee or a friend. A digital Mastercard can help you from the misery of being unsure of your gifting choices for your acquaintances, and all it takes is a few clicks. Boost your colleagues’ morale easily with exciting rewards like this instead of sticking to the conventional ones.    


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