Why florists should attend floral events

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Do you know most florists attract their audience by attending floral events and exhibitions? Yes, you read that right. The marketing team can get you your potential customer through an effective campaign but having a one-on-one conversation with people at an exhibition is way more convincing. They get to see your work in person and assess for themselves the kind of products you are offering. Numerous Melbourne floral events are held around the year, and if you want to grow professionally as a florist, you should definitely attend them. Let us look at why attending floral events is essential for you as a florist.

You get to promote your work

Public events are usually attended by a diverse range of public and floral events are typically held on a public scale. People from different backgrounds come to see flower arrangements, and this way, you can promote your work to a broader audience. You can even convince those who never knew about your services and products.

You can talk one-on-one

Shopping online has undoubtedly become popular during the pandemic, but it does not satisfy the client like a one-on-one conversation can do. You can answer all the queries of your clients face-to-face, and they can also get to see your products in person. Having live conversations can help remove a lot of doubts.

Your purchasing process gets faster

This may come off as a surprise, but when you put your products on sale in an exhibition, they sell faster than they do on ordinary days. During your routine, a customer takes days to decide on a product. If the purchase is online, it may take up to weeks. Order placement, packaging, shipment, and delivery take longer than selling a product in person.

You can get inspiration from others

As a florist, there is always room for you to grow. You never stop growing professionally. When you attend a floral exhibition or any related event, you have many options to learn from. You can also learn how to reduce costs and boost efficiency. Other vendors, their products, and arrangements can be a great source of inspiration if you want to know. 

You can develop international contacts

It is an easy way to take your business international. People from all over the world attend floral events, and people in the industry who are interested in your products and services will ensure they hire you for their next event. Not attending floral events can cause you to miss out on so many unique opportunities. 

You can improve industry knowledge

By attending floral events, you can meet experts in your field from all around the world. You can work on your industry knowledge and discover the latest innovations and trends. You can also learn how to improve sales. Floral events are the best source to enhance your industry knowledge.

We recommend you keep your business cards with you to give them away every time you spot a potential customer. Follow up with your emails and build a connection with people at such events to drive sales.

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