Why Morganite Engagement Rings Are Great Alternative To Diamond Engagement Rings

There are a few things on earth that are utterly irresistible to women. We’re sure by now you have guessed what we’re talking about. It’s none other than diamonds, the most glamorous and sparkling gemstones you can own.

Diamonds are beautiful, they are everlasting, and it’s something that would never fall out of trend. No matter how expensive they are, diamonds are usually our first pick when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. But wait, have you ever heard of morganite? Morganite is considered one of the best substitutes for diamonds, in case you are looking for an alternative to diamonds.

Without any further delay, let’s begin to know all about morganite including its color, properties, history, price, and so on.

What Is A Morganite?

Over the last couple of years, morganite stone has become extremely popular among jewelry enthusiasts. It comes in a stunning salmon-like pinkish-orange shade, which makes it exceptionally desirable. The gemstone includes subtle traces of manganese which is responsible for its color.

Availability And Mining

Morganite is a gemstone that is mostly mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, and other locations in the world.


The term “morganite” is named after renowned American financier J.P. Morgan who dominated Wall Street during the two decades preceding World War I. Morganite was initially discovered in Madagascar by Geroge Kuntz in the year 1930. JP Morgan provided financial support to Kuntz for arts and sciences which is why George Kuntz named this precious gemstone after his friend’s name and the gemstone is called “Morganite”.

Symbolic Meaning And Benefits

Choosing morganite engagement rings will shower you with several benefits. Morganite stone promotes mindfulness and it is believed to be connected to the heart. It symbolizes compassion, commitment, and healing.


Are you ready to be amazed? The price of the morganite gemstone is one of the most unique aspects which makes this stone a popular choice for an engagement ring. Compared to diamonds, morganites are 1/6th times cheaper and also a durable alternative. Yes, you heard that right! If you are looking forward to saving some money for your engagement budget, picking a morganite will be a worthy call.

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When it comes to durability, morganites are no less than many other gemstones. On a technical scale, diamonds have a hardness quotient of 10 and morganite lies somewhere around 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness which is a considerable number.

Why Choose Morganite Engagement Rings?

The engagement ring is one of the most precious ornaments that mark your new journey of commitment and devotion to your beloved. Still not sure whether you should go for diamonds or look for a fresh alternative that would steal the crowd’s attention? Do not worry and boldly choose a morganite ring for your engagement.

Go ahead and amplify the spark of your special day with a peachy pink morganite ring. Morganites are considered to be a low-cost substitute for diamonds that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can also choose other morganite jewelry to pair with the engagement ring. The appearance of a morganite gemstone is similar to that of a diamond. It would shine and dazzle and take your beloved’s heart away.

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