Which is the best book for ethics for UPSC?

Which is the best book for ethics for UPSC?

Ethics Book for UPSC is a new addition to the list of UPSC exam subjects and is the strongest of all. This is a book from which one can get maximum results with minimal input. There is less to memorize, but more to understand and apply.

An ethics book has two parts: one is a question part and the other is a case study part. Therefore, we will discuss how to prepare the ethics book.

To begin with, I have to say that I have not read EDEN IAS. Since it is the only book available in the market, it is mostly read by students. But what I would suggest is that for ethics, you don’t need any book about integrity and ethical soundness.

The reason:

  1. The book of ethics is less about the specifics given in the book. Rather, it is what you understand about a subject.
  2. No book can provide examples that are critical to answering any ethical question.

So how to prepare for ethics:

  1. Take the ethics book program and pass it.
  2. Syllabus mentions these topics clearly. Google any term and topic in the ethics program and write down what you understand about it.
  3. Look for examples and examples for each topic that you can use to support your argument.
  4. Try to write down questions from the past few years along with the notes you take.

Benefits of this plan:

  1. Your answer will be unique and different from others.
  2. You will have a better understanding of the book and its applications. Therefore, you have to submit well.
  3. You must give answers in your own language which will be simple and easy for the examiner.
  4. Statements and examples will make answers true and relevant, and get good marks.
  5. And most of all, you don’t have to read those articles. You will appreciate the preparation.

Ethics paper (general studies paper – 4) is one of the scoring papers if you approach the paper properly.

The problem with moral books is that we put our thoughts every day on the matter. Nowadays, UPSC shapes this question in such a way that it fits our everyday understanding. These mistakes should be avoided.

Ethics also have limits. So, to increase the score, one should focus on the following-

  • Focus on words and ideas, clear explanations of words are important for getting good grades. Crystal clarity of thought is the key to the next word. Using such words in the question asked can help in getting good marks.
  • Use a scaled diagram, flow diagram, sketch, or freehand drawing to represent small related facts, it can reduce the size of the world by giving the opportunity to write the answer. and it makes the researcher feel good.
  • Doing a lot of things, to improve, you need to join coaching classes like EDEN IAS, which focus on the points mentioned above. The standard of the test system is also very good.
  • an aspirant is often confused in studies. Doing more can avoid such fear. I noticed that many studies are done.

Keep the above points in mind when Ethics GS4 writing practice responses. These steps will help you capture the most important points.

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