Which is better: toner or ink?

In this practical tip, we clarify the question of whether you need toner or ink for your printer. In addition, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of laser and inkjet printers. For more information you can also visit our site Super Image LTD.

What does your printer need: toner or ink?

Basically, if you use an inkjet printer, you need ink. For a laser beam printer, use toner.

  1. Depending on the printer model, the way you find the ink cartridges or the toner cartridge differs.
  2. It’s easier to look in the printer’s manual. If you no longer own these analogues, most manuals are available on the manufacturer’s website. You can usually find the name of your printer model on the back or bottom of the device.
  3. In another article we explain how to proceed if the printer cartridge has dried up on the laser beam printer .
  4. Tip: If you still want to open your printer to look at the toner or ink, think of gloves. Toner cartridges in particular exude color. If necessary, remove them with cold water.

Before you buy: Benefits of toner and ink

If you have not yet decided whether you want to buy a printer with toner or ink, we will help you with the choice.

  1. You can get an inkjet printer for as little as 20 euros . Laser beam printers are significantly higher in price.
  2. If you print a lot, a laser beam printer is worth it. You also save time per page because the printing process is faster.
  3. A toner cartridge prints around 3500 pages. The ink cartridge only fills 200 pages.
  4. When the toner or ink runs out, you pay less for new toner cartridges than for an ink cartridge. Incidentally, the cartridge cannot dry up in contrast to the cartridge.
  5. Conclusion: Toner is worthwhile if you print frequently and many pages. If you only print rarely and do not want to make a large purchase, an inkjet printer is sufficient.


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