Which Countries Accept IELTS Qualification For Immigration?

IELTS Qualification For Immigration

IELTS Qualification for Immigration

Which countries accept IELTS for immigration – IELTS, an international English language testing system for native speakers? The system has been administered by the British Council, IDP (IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English) since 1989. Here are mentioned which countries accept IELTS qualification for immigration you should know if you are planning to study abroad.

In addition, IELTS is accepted by most academic institutions in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Whether you want to study, work, and visit or migrate. This testing system is necessary and useful for going abroad. You need to be aware of the procedure, whether you allow it or not. But which countries accept IELTS for immigration? The answer is in the following article.

Countries Accept IELTS Qualification

Undoubtedly, IELTS has become the most popular test to provide English language skills for non-native speakers. In addition, it is the most popular test system in the world, with candidates fluent in English. Thus, if candidates want to go abroad, they need to improve their English language skills.

IELTS Qualification for Study Abroad

It is a test that requires English language requirements in four categories, which are divided into speaking, writing, listening and reading. In addition, their IELTS test score is appropriate or not. The overall result of the group is determined from 0 to 9 and you need at least 6-7 points for each country. Now read the article below with the names of the countries that accept IELTS for immigration.

Countries that Accept IELTS for Immigration

IELTS is an acceptable language around the world, with more than 9,000 immigration management agencies, international professional organizations and more. Importantly, there are three versions of the IELTS test – educational, general education, and life skills. In what life skills is the British government’s version acceptable for visas and immigration? Here, you should be able to speak and listen well enough during the test.

It is available for two levels A1 and B1. When registering for the test, take a look at the English language requirements for the Visa category. Now, check out the list of countries that accept IELTS for immigration below.


IELTS for different visa and PR classifications (permanent residence) is also taken in Australia. This is also important for Australian professional institutions and approved organizations.


For Canadians, if you are applying for PR, you must provide proof of English language proficiency. Importantly, the general IELTS test is the only test that is allowed to immigrate to Canada.

New Zealand

According to the New Zealand government, they apply for IELTS for visas, including for experienced immigrants, accommodation for work and parent categories. Officially as proof of knowledge of English for various purposes.

UK (United Kingdom)

The English language proficiency requirement check is for those applying for PR (permanent residence) in the UK. Also for those who apply for long-term residence or stay.

How to Get Immigration for Study Abroad?

Applying for immigration is an important and effective decision. You only need relevant documents, files, approvals and English language skills. In addition, approval of your application is in the hands of USCIS (United States Department of State and Immigration Services). USCIS has a coordination department with DOS (State Department) to determine the availability of visa applicants. Check out the immigrant visa process and the diversity visa below.

Immigrant Visa Process for Study Abroad

  • Application – Submit your application
  • Upon approval – Select an Agent and make payments within the processing of CEAC (Electronic Consultant Application Center) and NVC (National Visa Application Center).
  • Documents – Submit a visa application form; collect financial and supporting documents.
  • Submits documents to NVC (National Visa Application Center)
  • Prepare for the interview and wait for the results.

In addition, the registration process for the various immigrant visa (DV) programs, which includes the following pages. Diversity of migrants in Section 203 (c) of the Migration and Citizenship Act (INA) provides a class of countries. It is important to note that there is no cost to register a DV program. And the requirements for the DV program are set by U.S. immigration law.

Array Visa Process

  • Entry – Submit an application and wait for the selection of applicants
  • After selection – confirm your qualifications and submit documents
  • Required documents – immigration visa and application for registration of foreign citizens and other supporting documents
Overall Consequence

With the above study, we hope you will find better guidance on countries that accept IELTS for immigration. So go ahead and find the best country that suits your needs now and apply for it. Also, you will need an IELTS mentor and then education consultants for study abroad. Find the best nearby IELTS coaching for IELTS preparation or if you are ready to shift city like Jaipur then join best IELTS coaching in Jaipur.

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