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Education is an integral part of a child’s life where he gets to learn a way to lead his life into the future. The learnings and teachings they get in school help them develop into better people who know how to implement the same for betterment. Here choosing a good schools in Pune is very important, as it is the place for building the foundation of a child’s career.

Are you looking for good schools in Pune? Pune schools have a lot to offer in terms of great teachers, facilities, and opportunities, but finding out the best among them is difficult. Do not worry anymore, as we have brought you a list of the top schools:

The best preschool in Pune will help your child excel.

Global Indian International School Pune

The Global Indian International School Pune is one of the best schools in Pune that has been providing quality education with traditional and innovative techniques. The school lays emphasis on academics, co-curricular activities and the happiness index of the child to aid holistic development. Being an international school, it has its own global community that provides the child with global exposure so that he can thrive in the 21st-century world. The dedicated group of expert teachers ensures that the child learns everything with interest. Modern facilities and architecture, guided by the CBSE curriculum make this a possibility.

The Bishop School

Located at General Bhagat Marg, Pune, the Bishop school is one of the leading premier schools for education. Dating back to 1864, the school possesses a British architecture that highlights its great culture. The school possesses all the modern amenities along with a hostel that allows your child to stay during the learning procedure.

Symbiosis International School

The Symbiosis International School is another premier institution located at Wagholi, Pune. Symbiosis carried forward its name as a leading educational provider into the Symbiosis international school. Choosing this institution will be a great decision for any parent.

The Lexicon International School

BBC Knowledge awarded the Lexicon International School as the best educational institute in Pune. Because Their rise to recognition came with their dedicated initiatives to make online classes interesting. During these times of the Pandemic, online classes are the reality. While many get students bored, Lexicon adopted innovative ways to make the learning procedure fun and engaging.

Delhi Public School

Just like its other branches around India, the Delhi Public School in Pune rose to fame for its best preschool in Pune for quality education. The most interesting fact about their schools is the initiative to promote the conservation of resources. Because Their eco-friendly initiatives help in saving electrical consumption for running classes.

Pawar Public School

Located at Hinjewadi Pune, the Pawar Public School is another name to reckon with. Because Their student exchange programs and invited faculties are something one should take note of.


When it’s about choosing a school for your child, there are of course so many things to consider. Hopefully, this guide will help you compare different schools and choose the one that truly fits your child’s needs.

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