Where to get the Hoverboard repaired? The best assistance for a Hoverboard always at the Top

This self-balancing two-wheeled personal transporter is a popular toy for kids and adults alike. The Hoverboard comes with a remote control to help riders get around.

For about 2 to 3 years now, the Hoverboard has become more and more a real cult object so much. So that sales have exploded in a short time. This sudden demand also drive by celebrities such as Justin Bieber who promoted. Its use brought factories to their knees that put poorly controlled products on the market. Without the pre-tests necessary to guarantee a good product.

It’s easy to imagine the consequences: defective products that in some cases even exploded so much as to force large chains like Amazon to withdraw the Hoverboard from the marketplace.

Nowadays the situation has improved a lot; the market has stabilized and controls are tighter: the Hoverboard is therefore a safe fun and ecological means of transport .

The main problems of Hoverboards and small tricks

In our article dedicated to the Best hoverboard repair we always suggest products that meet certain quality levels while keeping an eye on your wallet.
Yes, because if on the one hand it is important to save money on the other it is important to buy a safe and good quality product so as not to regret the purchase and throw money away unnecessarily. On the other hand, we all know the saying “who spends more, spends less” right?
However, even with the appropriate pre-purchase precautions, breakages of various types can always happen . Let’s briefly look at the main ones.


1) The battery, the most common problem

The battery is perhaps the main problem of the Hoverboard . That’s why the hoverboards we recommend always have a good quality battery. In some cases even the best (the Samsung battery).
Today the lithium batteries installed no longer explode as they did in the past. But for correct use you must always respect some important precautions:

Remove the hoverboard from the socket once charged , without leaving it in the socket for too long: the batteries have a charge time of about 2/3 hours, therefore charging them all night is not a good practice to make the battery last in time
Do not use the Hoverboard while charging ; the battery does not tolerate this practice and if done constantly the damage to the battery will be irreversible.

2) Motherboard

Another problem that can occur is the failure of the motherboard. If your Hoverboard won’t start, stop responding, or freeze suddenly, you may need to replace the motherboard.
In this case there is little to say. The intervention of a specialized assistance center is mandatory.

3) Other common problems

In addition to the 2 problems mentioned above. The accelerometer, bluetooth, leds may break or the power supply may need to be replaced etc ..
The best assistance with free collection and delivery.

Go to Hoverboard Assistance

Before taking your Hoverboard for assistance. Let’s try one last attempt that could solve the problem: we don’t want to throw away money. What do you have to do? Simply reset your Hoverboards Christmas Sale If you don’t know how to do it, read the instructions but know that for most models just press the power button for a few seconds to reset your Hoverboard.

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