Where 182 years ago the first tea cultivation in the country

The first tea cultivation was started in 1840 in Pioneer Hills, Lalkhan Bazar and Tiger Pass area of ​​Chittagong city; Which is the first tea garden in Bangladesh.

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The tea garden, which started 182 years ago, lasted for about 35 years. The area of ​​residence of the manager of that pioneer tea garden is now Chittagong Club.

The first tea cultivation in British India started in Assam in the early eighteenth century. Then in 1840 tea cultivation started experimentally in Chittagong, which later turned into a garden.

According to the Eastern Bengal District Gazetteers published in 1908, the then Collector of Chittagong, Scones collected tea seeds from Assam and tea saplings from the Botanical Gardens in Calcutta. With these seeds and plants he built a pioneer tea garden.

Secretary of Bangladesh Tea Board Mohammad Ruhul Amin told Schoons was the Collector of Chittagong from 1840 to 1850. He is the founder of Pioneer Tea Garden. Which is the first tea cultivation in Bangladesh.

“The 22 tea gardens mentioned in the Eastern Bengal District Gazetteers also include the names of the Pioneer tea gardens.”

The whole of that pioneer tea garden was hilly. There are still hills in Tiger Pass and Lalkhan Bazar area.
Chittagong Club Limited President and Managing Director of Pedrolo Group. Nader Khan told, “Bangladesh’s first tea plantation is in Pioneer Tea Garden in Chittagong.

“The current Chittagong Club area was the bungalow of the manager of Pioneer Tea Garden. The tea garden was all about the hills. ”

Rafiqul Islam, president of the Chittagong branch of the Bangladesh Tea Parliament, told This is the first tea cultivation in Bangladesh. ”

The first tea was made from the leaves of the Pioneer tea garden, which started its journey in 1840, three years later in 1843.

Chittagong Club started its journey in 18 years. Until the establishment of the club, tea was produced in that garden.

The first experimental tea cultivation in the country started in 1854 at Malnichhara in Sylhet after Chittagong. Later commercial cultivation started in 1857.

At present there are 23 tea gardens in Chittagong and Rangamati districts under Chittagong Valley.

In 2021, the country produced 96.3 million kg of tea, of which a total of 95 million kg was in the gardens of Chittagong Valley.

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