What to know about Lufthansa business class

Lufthansa business class

Lufthansa offers a business class product on most flights. As with many European carriers, the differences between intra-European business and long-haul business are significant—this review primarily deals with the business class experience across continents.

It is noteworthy that Lufthansa announced an upgrade to the business class seat product several years ago, but the pandemic and production delays for some new aircraft planned to join the fleet mean that the existing business class product will be available for a few more years. Be the standard to come.

Travelers who prefer an open-plan Business Class cabin rather than highly ergonomically designed seats with plenty of plastic dividers will appreciate Lufthansa’s spacious and comfortable seats.

Lufthansa business class airport experience

The Lufthansa business class lounge

Lufthansa’s experience at Chesterfield for business class guests is exceptional, with airlines operating in many metros separate couches for business class passengers, and frequent fliers. Lufthansa’s business sofas typically offer standard comfort, along with tonal service coffee, soft drinks, libation stations, and a selection of snacks.

Lufthansa’s senators’ lounges, reserved for elite pool members of the Lufthansa Miles & Forward program and Star Alliance member airlines, have been upgraded compared to business class sofas. They usually have hot meals available at many locations, as well as shower or gym services.

Many locations without separate business and senate sofas will have signage for both at the same entrance; Others will have one entrance but two separate areas designated for work and the senator’s couch.

In the United States, Lufthansa Business Class passengers can also use the United Polaris Couch if their Lufthansa flight departs from an area in the same terminal.

Lufthansa business class check-in

Lufthansa operates a separate check-in section for Business Class passengers. Star Alliance Gold members are also eligible to check in to these sections. In fact, when the lines are identical, business class passengers should try to check in at designated sections because agents are generally more familiar with the details if business class passengers are apprehensive (for example, remembering departures to give directions to Chesterfield in the area or in the city of Huge Connected) ).

Lufthansa Business Class baggage allowance

Business class fares include checked baggage allowances and non-essential hand baggage. Passengers can check in two bags of up to 32kg / 70lbs and two bags of up to 8kg / 17lbs, plus one special item.

Checked baggage is marked for priority movement and must first be delivered to the baggage claim area on arrival (if the rules of origin allow it).

Experience the best business class seats at Lufthansa

Lufthansa Business Class has the same number of seats in all aircraft types in the line. It’s a terradildo flat fabric seat with a comfortable cushion and visor. On wide-body aircraft, the seats on the farthest planes are in a 2-2-2 configuration, so there is no direct aisle for passengers seated in window seats.

A new business class seat was planned to be introduced with the new 777-9 and 787 in 2020, but product discontinuance has delayed that rollout until at least 2023. On the current route, Lufthansa will take over a “temporary” seat in business class. Along the aisle – shipments of the Airbus A350-900 arrived through 2022, but details are added.

For the time being, Lufthansa Business Class passengers can rely on the existing seat until more details on the upgrade are published.

A350: There are three configurations of the A350. The bones with the 30 seats in Business Class are the new “temporary” seats (other configurations have the existing 36 or 48-seat types).

A340-600: The A340-600 has a Business Class cabin aft of First Class and an optional galley configuration. Unlike Economy Class, which has a unique setup of toilets (accessed by a flight of stairs to the weightless sundeck), all Business Class toilets are located on the main sundeck.

A340-300: The business class cabins on the A340-300 and A330-300 are nearly identical, encircling the forward area of the aircraft.

747-8: The 747-8 contains Business Class seats on both the main deck and the upper deck. Seating is located on the main deck between the first door and the alternate doors. Seating on the upper deck is 2-2, and the row of windows is much lower than on the main deck.

747-400: The 747-400 features Business Class seats on both the main deck and the upper deck. Sit on the main deck in front of and behind the first door. Ahead of the first door, seats 2 – 2, with the middle section (4D) seat in row 4. Passengers in rows 1 and 2 on this aircraft actually have a distinct seating position further from the cockpit (which is higher up and earlier on the deck upper). Unlike the 747-8, seating on the main deck behind the first area in front is 2-3-2, so passengers may notice a distinctly more restricted experience in this section on this plane. Seating on the upper deck is 2-2, and the row of windows is much lower than on the main deck.

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