What Makes Alpenhonig Special?

The Alps offer a plethora of regionally grown naturliche ingredients. These – together with the incredible Flora – ensure the perfect Honig in every season.

Honig is a natural product with an extraordinary, naturliche taste,’ explains Jurg Balsiger, Direktor der Stanserhorn Bahn. Also it’s an extremely healthy food. Especially when you eat it from the Alpine regions of Switzerland.


Despite its hefty price tag, Alpenhonig is a winner on many fronts. A slew of quality ingredients and a lot of love go into this delicious alpine treat, making it a rare breed.

The taste of this golden bud is undeniably top notch, with a pleasantly chewy mouthfeel and a hint of fruit on the nose. Its nutty and toasty flavour complements any meal, and is surprisingly easy to digest.

It’s no secret that our team at alpuris are big on hooch, but this isn’t just any old hooch – it’s a special breed of Swiss hoochie that stands out from the crowd. With an eye towards the discerning consumer, we’ve sourced the finest examples from across the region to produce this cult-like premium quality product.


The unique, artisan Honig from the Alpen is produced in small, family-owned, biologischem Anbau. It is not chemically treated. It ages in its own natural state, slowly, and naturally, under the supervision of the owner Bruno.

The nutty, earthy and slightly bittersweet taste of this Honig is characteristic of the alpine region. It is made from the finest Alpine herbs, spices and other ingredients.

It is a fine, light, delicate and harmonious food. It is the perfect complement to other foods, such as breads and pastas.

Our Honig is cultivated from the highest quality, locally sourced Bienen. The Bienen are grown in a very special way that ensures their high quality, flavour and freshness.

In addition to a careful cultivation of the Bienen, we also take great care with the handling of our products. They are bottled in glass and sealed with a high-quality cork and are only sold in small quantities, so as to keep them pure and uncontaminated. We are very proud to be able to offer you this delicious, premium-quality Honig from the Tiroler Bergen.


The preparation of Alpenhonig involves a careful selection of the most suitable ingredients. This means that the honey produced is of high quality and the resulting taste is authentic.

A unique combination of the best apricot, hazelnut and fig aromas give this naturbelassene Honig its intense and velvety flavor. It is a true delicacy of nature and is very popular with people.

It is a special variety of honey that contains a lot of antioxidants, which are important for health. It also has a unique flavour and a rich golden colour.

This variety of Alpenhonig comes from small-scale, family-owned and managed beekeeping companies. Their bees are fed with a variety of plants and flowers, and the result is a pure and natural honey that is incredibly aromatic.

The bees are free to move around the environment and are treated with respect, so that they can produce a high-quality honey. The honey is collected and jarred by hand.

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