What is Ukraine attacking in Russia?

What is Ukraine attacking in Russia?

A fire broke out at the Tevar Space Research Institute, northwest of the Russian capital, Moscow. A fire also broke out at an ammunition factory in Perm, 1,100 kilometers east of the Tevar factory. In addition, two separate oil depots in the Russian city of Bryansk near Belarus caught fire. ....................................

Are all events coincidental? Or are these incidents a sign of sabotage by Ukraine or its supporters into Russia, who want to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine? The whole thing has been analyzed by the news agency AFP.

A fire broke out at the Central Space Research Institute in Tevar on April 21, killing at least 16 people. Since the incident, any fire inside Russia has been widely discussed on social media. This is especially true in sensitive areas, which indicate a covert attack.

No one has claimed responsibility for the sabotage. But analysts say some of the attacks, particularly those in Bryansk, could be Kiev’s work. Mikhail Podoliak’s telegram post has given rise to this idea. The senior adviser to the Ukrainian president called the incidents of sabotage in Russia “divine intervention” on social media. He said that large oil depots were burning for various reasons. He also wrote in the post, “Karma is very cruel.”

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