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What Happens When You Take Steroids?

Definition Of Steroids:

Steroids are form of chemicals which are made artificially in the laboratory and they work similar to the hormones found in the body of an individual. The main purpose of these kind of chemicals is to reduce the inflammation symptoms. The kinds of man made chemicals which deal with inflammation are known as corticosteroids. Such kind of steroids are different from those steroids which are used commonly by sportsmen and athletes and are known as anabolic steroids. Basically, the steroids mainly the corticosteroids only address the solution on a temporary basis, these do not cure the medical condition permanently. Such kind of steroids only aid in easing the symptoms involving stiffness and pain.

What Is The Importance Of Using Steroids?

Those who are prescribed steroids for the first time usually have this question in mind which is does steroids work? As they fear any side effects. But in reality the steroids are used for a number of purposes which can be medical related or non-medical related. The ones which are meant for medical use can be in the form of capsules or tablets and also come in the form of injections. The conditions which are cured by such steroids include asthma, different types of allergies either mild or severe, rheumatoid arthritis and many others. Apart from these, there are many types of steroids which are effective for treating different forms of cancer like liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer etc.

Stacking The Oral Forms Of Steroids With The Injectable Ones:

Many users search for answers revolving around are steroids good for you as they fear that the steroids may permanently harm their health or pose a serious threat to the overall health. But in reality, one should note that if steroids are used properly and taken for short duration, they cannot lead to side effects. Also in low doses or correct doses, two or more steroids can also be stacked with each other without any harm to the health. There are many bodybuilders who stack oral steroids with injectable forms like Anavar with Testosterone, Dianabol with Deca Durabolin etc. Any form of combination of steroids is effective until they are cycled properly.

Working Of Steroids:

The question regarding how steroids work can be different for curing different kinds of medical condition. To overcome inflammation, the corticosteroids work by suppressing the inflammatory genes that activate as a result of any chronic inflammation. The steroids which are meant for curing issues of lungs work by suppressing the airway inflammation. Whereas the anabolic steroids which are used regularly and commonly by the bodybuilders and athletes work by stimulating the muscle tissue which then results in growing them and thus perform the function similar to the natural testosterone found in the body. By reducing the production of such chemicals which lead to inflammation, these steroids aid in minimizing the tissue damage.

Injectable Steroids Versus Oral Steroids:

The anabolic steroids come in different forms, the most common being the injectable form and oral form.

1.      Injectable steroids

Injectable steroids as the name suggests are such kinds of medicines or drugs which are given intramuscularly or injected into the muscles of outer thigh and buttock. Some of the examples of injectable steroids which are commonly used include Testosterone, Primobolan, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin etc. The steroids which are available in the form of injections do not damage the heart to a greater extent and are also less toxic to the liver. A downside of using injectable steroids is that if they are administered incorrectly, they can lead to serious outcomes. Moreover there is a high risk of contracting HIV by using injections. Moreover, some people also report that they cough violently which is dry after they are injected with steroids especially in case of Trenbolone.

2.      Oral steroids

Oral steroids as the name suggests are types of drugs which are taken by mouth and come in the form of pills and tablets and are of different dose strengths. They are convenient to use as they can be easily swallowed with the help of water. Moreover, the oral form of medicines or drugs can provide with quick results as compared to other forms of drugs. Moreover, as the detection times of such kinds of oral anabolic steroids are less when compared to injectable steroids, many bodybuilders or athletes prefer to use oral steroids to survive a drug test. But a con of such oral steroids is that they can be toxic for the liver as well. Some of the important and commonly used examples of oral anabolic steroids include Turinabol, Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol etc.

Side Effects Of Steroids:

Although the steroids serve a number of uses, their long-term use can put the users in a lot of dangers due to which it is suggested to use them by consulting the doctor first. The side effects common and rare are as follows:

  1. Swelling of different parts of the body including puffy face.
  2. Storing of water in the body or retention of fluid.
  3. Reduced resistance to infections.
  4. Blurriness of vision.
  5. Onset of high blood pressure.
  6. Mood changes.
  7. Easy bruising.
  8. Discomfort in abdomen or stomach.
  9. Worsening of high blood pressure which can affect the brain.
  10. Onset of diabetes which can also worsen in those who already suffer from this disease.
  11. Some of the side effects can lead to restlessness and can also make a person nervous.
  12. There are many different types of steroids which can make the bones weak.

It is important to note here that all the above side effects will not be observed by everyone who uses steroids. There can be some users who may only experience a few of such side effects. Mainly those users who use steroids for only a brief time period may not witness any side effects but those people who use them for a long period of time can suffer from different side effects which can be serious as well.

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