What Does NGL Meaning in Facebook?

“NGL” is an acronym that stands for not gonna lie. This phrase first appeared in 2009 and quickly entered the Urban Dictionary. Around the same time, it was added to a number of other online sites. In 2010, the word was also included in the Urban Dictionary. Like LOL, NGL has also been embraced on social media. As of this writing, the acronym is most popular on Facebook, where it stands for not gotta lie.

NGL Meaning – What Does NGL Mean?

The abbreviation NGL has become a common part of modern language. It stands for “not gonna lie,” which is often a truthful statement. The term became an Internet sensation around 2009. Its use has been growing in popularity since then, with some even using it as a joke.

What Does NGL Means and How to Use It?

This phrase originates in the early ’90s and has since been added to the Urban Dictionary. This phrase is also used in the dating world, and the abbreviation has risen in usage in recent years.

What Does NGL Mean on Facebook

NGL meaning in Chat” stands for “Not going to lie.” It is commonly used in social media, text messaging, and blogs. It means “not a lie” and is used to show vulnerability. The tone of the phrase can vary depending on the context. It can be insulting or eloquently expressing one’s thoughts or opinions. It is most common in social media posts and is used in a situational way.

What Does “NGL” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

The acronym NGL is also used in real life, but its meaning is the same. The acronym refers to the same phrase. The phrase “not gonna lie” stands for “not going to lie.” In most instances, it can be used in any text context. It is a popular choice among users on social media sites such as Facebook, but it isn’t grammatically correct. For this reason, it’s best to avoid using it on social media.

NGL Meaning What Does NGL Mean?

Bottom Line

NGL stands for “not gonna lie,” as defined in the Macmillan dictionary. It is also an acronym for TBH (to be honest). These two phrases have different meanings in the social media world, and their use in this context is unavoidable. So, when posting on social media, use the acronym “NGL” to express your feelings. But it’s important to keep in mind that NGL stands for not gonna lie.

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