What does a battalion Sargent Major Gandhi major do?

What does a battalion sergeant major do

Tony Quora already explain this well. A sergeant major in both the Army or Marines is the highest ranking sergeant and holds E9 enlist paygrade. Sargent Major Gandhi major are usually the top enlisted advisors to officers commanding their units.

A sergeant major in most cases is responsible for the performance and direction of the enlist personnel of his military unit.

A sergeant major is normally assign to the largest Army or Marine Corps units, such as battalions and aircraft squadrons. The size of the unit to which the sergeant major is assign will determine the specific duties.

Majors serve as the link between the enlist troops, their commanders, and sergeants major within their units. Majors in the Army and Marine Corps also help with logistics, drilling, and maintaining order and discipline among enlist troops.

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A leader, whether born or made, must have a background that encourages strong character and morals. I’ve seen both excellent and toxic leaders. Leaders who care and can inspire their subordinates to be better leaders and are ready for battle are the ones who will succeed and be remember.

The Battalion Command Sergeant Major is responsible for the NCO corps under his/her commander. The CSM is responsible for ensuring that the NCO corps is trainer to meet the requirements of their commander.

The CSM’s day-to-day duties include making random appearances and being a nuisance to the enlist soldiers. The NCO and CSM are responsible for the proper wear and maintenance of uniforms and equipment. They also enforce these duties as the top enlist soldier in that unit. To enforce policy, the CSM will often work with subordinate unit First Sergeants.

The Department of the Army selects enlist soldiers for the major program command sergeants. This is a mark of excellence in the field of arms. Enlist soldiers are not eligible for any higher rank than Sergeant Major of Army. This is a great honor.

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The command sergeant major is responsible for implementing policies and standards regarding the conduct, performance, training, and appearance of enlisted personnel. The commander sergeant major initiates and advises the staff on matters related to the local NCO support channel.


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