What did Abahani striker say to Mohun Bagan captain

bahani Limited in Kolkata and Mohun Bagan under the roof of the same hotel to play in the AFC Cup play-off.

Nabib Newaz was already thrilled with the game of life. Besides, he is already friends with Mohun Bagan captain Pritam Kotal. Arriving in Kolkata on Saturday (April 17), the two met in a gap in the hotel. In a short time, the two also inquired about each other.

In fact, a year ago, during the difficult times of his career, Pritam Kotal, one of the pillars of India, got his life. Pritam and his future wife helped him a lot while undergoing ligament surgery in Calcutta. With such support at the start of Corona, the striker of Abahani Limited felt as if he was in his own country!

Since then, there has been a great relationship between these two footballers from Bengal.

After meeting Pritam and his wife at the hotel today, Jibon posted a picture on his Facebook and said that Pritam and Sonela Didi (Pritam’s wife) took care of him like his brother during my bad times. I am thrilled to hear the news of the game against Mohun Bagan. Because we will meet them in the gap of the game. In fact, there are no boundaries in the game.

What did Abahani striker say to Mohun Bagan captain

Abahani Limited will take on Mohun Bagan on April 19. Arriving there on the first day today, Colindres-Jibanra did gym and swimming at the hotel. He is scheduled to start field practice on Sunday tomorrow. ............................

But before that, there was no talk of life with the Mohun Bagan captain. Jeevan told the Bengali Tribune that in fact we met for a short time. Good exchange. There was no discussion about the game. There are two more days before the match. Maybe we will meet again in this gap. Then maybe we will talk about the game.

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