What are the Reasons to Choose Animation as a Career Option?

Through moving images, the animation imitates characters and objects from the actual world. The illusion of continuous motion is created by still images moving at a specific number of frames per second. Since its inception, animation has undergone remarkable development. CGI, or computer-generated images, are used to create the bulk of animations. 

The animation effect is created by quickly advancing sequential images. The disparity between two successive images is kept to a minimum so that the transition between the images is invisible to the human eye. The majority of people believe that animation is purely for amusement. However, the possibilities are unlimited if we consider how animation is used in many fields. More than meets the eye, animation plays a significant role in our lives.

Animation in India is a rapidly expanding industry that only continues to grow as more and more people indulge in the world of cartoons. The question on many people’s minds is where this trend will lead us, and what the future of Indian animation looks like? In this article we will be discussing the future of animation, whether there is any demand for animators or not. So let’s dive in. 

Animation has been around since the days of cave drawings, and it is not just a hobby. It’s a career option that ranges from working for big companies on blockbuster movies to freelance work or creating your own animated short films.

Industry outlook of Animation

According to a recent study, the size of the worldwide animation market would reach $642.5 billion by 2030 from its 2020 estimate of $354.7 billion. Given the central role that animation plays in business, television, film, video games, and other industries, this enormous rise is hardly surprising. Animation has managed to appeal to both children and adults, and as a result, it has carved out a special place for itself in the film business. The animation industry would grow at a 5.2% CAGR from 2021 to 2030 if the market for animation reaches $ 642.5 billion by 2030. In the animation industry, there are several positions that are in high demand. Finding what is available and appropriate for you is the key. There are jobs in demand for animation, but sometimes you have to look hard to locate the perfect opportunity and tools.

As per the reports of Deccan Herald there are about 40,000 animation skilled professionals are required by the end of 2024. So you can imagine how much demand these professionals have. Due to the huge demand of the animators, trusted institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata, so that the aspiring candidates can get into this sector with ease.  

Nowadays, skilled animators are not only required for the media and entertainment sectors but they are also required for the other sectors such as health and wellness, education, scientific visualization, marketing, advertisement industry etc. 

Reasons to choose animation as a career option:

With this list of reasons, you can see why animation is worth taking seriously and pursuing as a creative outlet. 

– It’s an art form that requires talent and skills, which can lead to rewarding careers in animation.

– There are many opportunities available as an animator: TV/film work, commercial jobs, freelance work, etc.

– It can lead to many jobs in the future.

– You can make your own animated films or work on TV/film projects, in addition to working on the computer games and cartoons currently being made.

– It can lead to a variety of career options, such as becoming a teacher, artist, etc.

– It requires dedication and passion which can lead to a long time spent working in the field of animation.

– There is no set time commitment that you need to put into it as it can be done on your own schedule.

– The animation industry is continuously growing as technology advances.

– Animation skills can be applied to a variety of fields, including TV/film, computer games, commercials and cartooning.

– You can make money off your original creations.

One thing to keep in mind: animation has the potential to take you in many different directions if you want to branch out into other areas of animation. If you want to become an animator or work in the field professionally, then this career option will be a good fit for you. However, if you are new to the field and wish to work for yourself, you might want to consider creating your own cartoon series or other multimedia projects. If you are serious  about taking animation as a profession then reputed institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata. Enroll in those courses and break into the industry like a skilled professional. 

What are the opportunities available in the animation industry?

As mentioned before, there are many opportunities available in the animation industry as shown below:

– Work for a big company such as Disney or Pixar on blockbuster movies.

– Work for a big company such as DreamWorks or Fox on TV shows.

– Work for a small company that needs some help with commercials.

– Create animated videos such as those from YouTube channels.

– Create original cartoons and animated videos on your own site/channel.

– Be a freelancer and do animation work on your own schedule.

– You can also work for the gaming industry as an animation professional. 

Final Note 

Finally, there are many opportunities in the world of animation. The animation sector has grown significantly in recent years. However, there aren’t enough workers for this industry. Both the supply and demand chains are having a lot of problems. As a result, there are lots of chances for our artistic buddies to enter this industry and establish lucrative jobs.

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