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What are the Causes of Telogen Effluvium?

Do you find the term Telogen Effluvium a challenging cake to digest? If yes, get ready to know what’s it all about. With the help of the following write-up, I’ll guide you through Telogen Effluvium hair loss via causes, symptoms, and efficient treatments.

Telogen Effluvium: A Brief Overview

It might appear to be a set of heavy terms and it also reflects a form of hair loss. It lists as the second most common hair loss issue. Telogen Effluvium hair loss mainly occurs when the body experiences a significant change in the hair follicle count. Keep reading the article, and you’ll gain an excellent hold on everything that sits around the Telogen Effluvium hair loss issue.

Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss: The Symptoms

The first phase of understanding Telogen Effluvium is getting aware of the associated symptoms. Now you need to keep in mind that Telogen Effluvium initially showcases on the scalp region as hair thinning. Depending on other factors, the thinning effect may either stick to a specific location or spread over multiple areas.
However, Telogen Effluvium primarily affects the scalp’s top section, leaving the occurrence of a receding hairline to be a rare case. The same ensures that anyone suffering from Telogen Effluvium won’t lose all of their hair.

Telogen Effluvium: Causes

Now that you know what Telogen Effluvium hair loss usually looks like and how your body might indicate its happenings, it is time to learn about the critical factors in such an issue.


The state of the hormone is one of the most common factors behind hair loss. A sudden change in pre-existing hormones can affect your body in many ways. While there are several good things, the harmful impacts aren’t far either; the Telogen Effluvium hair loss justifies precisely that. With that being said, you can notice Telogen Effluvium making its way in a situation like puberty, pregnancy, etc.

Improper Diet

Having an improper diet isn’t a good thing, and if you’re concerned about hair loss issues, you better start taking care of what you eat right away. According to several researchers, deficiency of Vitamins (majorly Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin B-12) and nutrients like Iron and Zinc can contribute to all forms of hair loss, and Telogen Effluvium is no exception.

Exposure to Medications

In today’s words, you’ll find several antidepressants and all sorts of other hypertensive medications. Many of you might have already used something like this. But are you aware of the negative things it can bring to the table? Yes, you’ve read that right. Even doctors support the act that there are medicines that promote hair loss and can even trigger Telogen Effluvium.

Telogen Effluvium: Treatment

No doubt TE hair loss is annoying, but the good news is that the treatment is a genuine possibility. Following are the four best ways to address TE hair loss before it worsens adequately.

  • Focus on Your Diet: Eat clean and eat healthily. Make sure every meal you intake includes all the vital nutrients and the required Vitamins.
  • Offer More Care to Your Hair: Whether you’re suffering from TE or not, it is crucial to take care of your hair like you usually do for other body parts. It will help maintain the overall health of your hair and prevent issues like TE from sheltering.
  • Avoid Stress: Stress does no good for your body parts. While the brain is the worst sufferer, the same makes room for hair to face trouble. It is thus recommended to keep yourself away from activities that seem stressful.
  • Consult an Expert: If the TE hair loss condition goes out of hand, paying a visit to any nearby professional is the best Telogen Effluvium treatment.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about Telogen Effluvium hair loss. Although a disturbing issue, one thing that makes TE a piece to worry less about is that it isn’t as severe as other forms of hair loss, and the probability of getting entirely bald is minimal. Nonetheless, with proper diet and regular attention, you can even seamlessly eliminate any signs of TE real quick.

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