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What Are The Benefits Of Hand Dryers?

Hand Dryers

If you’ve been thinking about investing in some hand dryers, these are some of the advantages and benefits of using hand dryers you should be familiar with before making your decision.


While many of us think of slow hand dryers that blow hot air and take ages to dry your hands, high-speed hand dryers bring one of the best advantages when it comes to drying your hands with hand dryers. They are designed to blow cold air but at a very high speed and in doing so, they make drying your hands a very efficient and quick process. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas. They can dry your hands within less than 10 seconds. Also, not only do they perform at high speed, but it’s also extremely easy and quick to maintain them and keep them in good condition which makes them a great device to invest in.


Another great benefit of hand dryers, especially for high-traffic areas, is the fact that they are a much more hygienic option than paper towels. Firstly, they’re better than towels since they provide a more hygienic alternative by avoiding the risk of spreading cross-infection coming from used towels. Hand dryers are less likely to help bacteria and germs spread while wet towels lying around make the perfect condition for growing bacteria and infection.

High-speed hand dryers are also better for the environment since there isn’t any excess paper towel waste being caused in all of the heavy traffic areas. Also, a lot of people tend to throw the paper towels away in the toilet causing an issue with clogged toilets. So, overall, hand dryers are more hygienic and eco-friendly than paper towels and regular towels.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Speaking of sustainability and climate change, hand dryers are also known to leave a lower carbon footprint behind. Both the standard and high-speed models are able to last between 7 and 10 years and both of them have a lower environmental impact. They produce about 42% less carbon dioxide emissions than paper towels in the process of being made in the industry and later in the process of distribution and when they are being used. This is what the statistics show about carbon emission peruse when it comes to paper towels and hand dryers:

Paper towels = 56 g of carbon dioxide emissions per use (Class G, 2014)

Hand dryers = 9- 40 g of carbon dioxide emissions per use


The older models of hand dryers used to make a lot of loud noises while drying the hands. However, the newer versions are made to be a lot less loud and some of them barely even make a sound while blowing air. So, if you choose to make this investment, you don’t need to worry about being too loud while drying your hands.


Lastly, a lot of people may be concerned about the price of hand dryers. However, though this may be a pricier item to invest money in, here’s why it’s worth the price and how you can estimate the best and most efficient hand dryer for the price you’re paying. Think of it like this, paper towels may be a cheaper option short-term, but investing in hand dryers will help you save money in the long run. You can compare various different types and models of hand dryers and see which one will work best for you. You should also try to compare the cost performance according to some of the most important criteria which include power consumption, ease of maintenance, and longevity. Essentially, you want to invest money in something that will last for a long time while also being easy to maintain and keep in good shape.

Also, think about all of the additional costs that come with using paper towels. With all of the clogged toilets and paper towels lying around and leaving the mess as well as potential bacteria spread, you will constantly need to clean, disinfect, and repair the bathroom to keep it hygienic and clean. So long-term speaking, purchasing a hand dryer is definitely a great investment idea.


Overall, using hand dryers instead of paper towels or cloth towels has many amazing benefits. It has a better environmental impact, it’s a great investment, it’s more hygienic, and it provides a much faster and more efficient way of drying your hands.

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