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One of the most distinctive features of vaping devices is that they’re cylindrical. The batteries in vape pens are bigger than in cig-a-likes, allowing for more cloud creation and longer battery life. During the mid-2000s, vape pens were deemed unique because of their huge battery, the microprocessor within the battery, and the usage of a separate atomizer. Today’s vape pens contain some of the most advanced features because of the improvements in vaping technology. Since the development of the cannabis market, vaping devices such as the vape pen have been increasingly popular.

While certain e-cigarettes and weed vape pen have recently been featured in the media for catching on fire or exploding, there are many others that are safe to use. Vape pens are a terrific option for those who want to vape, but only if they are properly cared for and purchased from a reputable company. Let’s have a look at the current crop of weed vape pens and see how they work!

Features of today’s weed vape pens:

  • Firing Button
  • Battery
  • Safety feature
  • Tank
  • Coil (Sub-ohm or not)
  • Battery indicator
  • Airflow control on some
  • USB Port for charging

Sub-ohm vaporizers aren’t available on every vape pen currently on the market. Because sub-ohm coils were not yet widely accessible, they were not used in the first generation of vape pens.

Weed Vape Pens Come in Many Formats

Compared to the vapor pens of the mid-2000s, the current generation of vapor pens is radically different. As previously said, today’s vape pens include capabilities often found in third-generation mods, allowing users to use their older devices with the latest in vaping technology. Let’s have a look at the many types of vape pens available today:

Weed vape pens have four distinct characteristics:

  • Constant Power Source
  • Tanks with sub-ohm resistance
  • Switchable Voltage Source
  • Temperature Changes

When e-cigarettes were first introduced, they were all “fixed voltage” devices. A gadget with a fixed voltage indicates that it outputs a constant voltage. Since it simply has one set, fiddling with it isn’t necessary. Just press the button, and you’re done.

There are two types of vape carts: those with changeable voltage and temperature and those that don’t. As a result, it is easier to operate because it only has one button, and the battery capacity and usage of sub-ohm tanks make it sufficient to treat nicotine cravings. In the upcoming mod parts, we’ll go into greater depth about this.

The ability to adjust the voltage of the vaporizer is a cutting-edge innovation that allows user to fine-tune their smoking experience. Variable voltage is still used in older vape pens, although the batteries used are weaker. It’s a nice feature to play with with the flavor strength, cloud formation, and throat impact by increasing or decreasing the voltage of your device.

When it comes to previous vape pens, a function known as Variable Temperature has been added to the third-generation devices. Only a select few vape pens have this function, which is designed to prevent dry hits by automatically changing the coil resistance in the vaping device based on the temperature set by the user.

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