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Wearing a hoodie with shorts?

I have noticed this combination has become quite. popular in the UK in recent years especially among boys teenagers. students and men in their 20’s 30’s and even 40’s (though I have seen a few girls do it as well).
What do you think about this look? My girlfriend thinks it’s cute and seems to like it when. I show her pics on my smartphone of me wearing it. She actually prefers me wearing shorts over jeans.
I personally like it as it gives off a sort of relaxed, chilled vibe if you know what I mean

A nice casual, easy-going sporty full send comfortable outfit. I know some people say if it’s not warm enough for a t-shirt then you shouldn’t be wearing shorts. But the way I see it it’s no different from wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.

I have noticed this combo seems to be particularly

popular with male college students, especially during the warmer months.I do wear this combo sometimes, esspecially in the house, I find it very comfy, more comfortable than I would be in jeans and a t-shirt for example.
Yesterday it was 17C and Sunny and I went out

wearing grey shorts with a t-shirt and a black zip-up full send hoodie, with the zipper pulled down a bit to make it look a bit more summery .On the way back I pulled the zip fully open and pushed the sleeves up a bit, as it got quite warm. It felt very pleasant.  I could have worn a t-shirt I suppose but:

1. There was a slight breeze.
2. My arms get cold a lot easier than my legs.
3. My house isn’t usually warm enough to wear a t-shirt inside (indoor temp typically around 18-19C).
I find this combo very practical esspecially  with a zip-up

Hoodie becuase if it gets too warm I can open the zipper and push the sleeves up or even take it off altogether and tie it round my waist and if it gets too cold I can put the hood up. Also I find I can regulate my body temperature better when I wear shorts (less likely to overheat when walking) than if I was wearing pants.

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