Ways to Upskill Your English Fast and for Good

I am going to help you with some of the best tips on learning spoken English quickly. Nowadays, I don’t see anyone saying that I have time to do this. People are busy with their work, occupations, businesses, but they all wish to work on their spoken English. However, do we that we have time to sit down and work on a language?

Here I have shared some tips on how to learn English in an effective way when you are occupied and you don’t have time.

When you learn, don’t look at the clock

This is the first thing I would suggest. Get free from all of your works and when you wish to learn something new, don’t look at the clock and keep learning until you understand it completely.

Work on your vocabulary every day.

Every morning or evening, as your schedule allows you, take out some time to look at the dictionary and read the words that you don’t know. After you use the dictionary or the Internet to search for the meaning of the English words that you wish to learn on a specific day, you can try to use them in your sentences. These words will be the vocabulary for you for the day. You have to repeat the words in your sentences the entire day. You can make this practice better; you can write them in your notebook. This way even if you forget the meaning of the words, you will be able to recall them easily just by reading them from the notebook.

You should carry the notebook along wherever you think you can take it to use in communication. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to search the words, write them and learn them.  Learning a couple of new English words would come to a total of tens words a month. You don’t have to worry about learning all of them at once. Simply start with one or two words a day and then move ahead.

Adjust your schedule, but not change it.

English is not only to be learned in the daytime. You can choose to learn at any hour of the day. Decide when you feel the most energetic about learning something new to improve your English and you should choose the time that is the best for you. Learning spoken English does not require you to read a lot of books. It just requires practice. You should adjust the practice of spoken English in your schedule. You don’t have to take out time separately for it. I would suggest you not learn after finishing your work because when you are exhausted, your productivity decreases. Try doing it along with other works of yours.

Find the way that suits you the best.

Every person has their own way of learning. They learn the best in their own way. Others can only suggest ways to learn English, but when it comes to bringing tips to practice, you are the only person who has to do it. When a child learns any language, he does not read the grammar books, he just listens to what others say and tries to mimic them. And, this is the best way for the child to learn how to speak something. You know yourself the best and you can find out many ways to improve your skills. First, you should be aware of the place where you lie in that skill and then, set the goal for it. You can take as much time as you require to set your goals and plans.


The timeline of the goals matter.

When you set your goals, make sure that you set a timeline for them too. When you set your goals and there is no timeline, you may take more time than you usually would in even easy tasks. You can take out time on weekends to think about your weekly goals and make sure if it is a weekly goal, it is met in the week itself. You should make goals for weeks and also for months. When you are not able to decide whether you will be able to finish a task in a specific week, you can divide it into two several parts and then adjust it.

I would do the same every Saturday evening and see what I have to do the following week and complete by the end of the month.  This is something you should do too because it is going to help you in the long run.


Learning English is not only about reading, speaking, or writing English. This is more about the time you give into it. Make sure that the time you give to it has the results that you see in your speech. This happens when you learn English by correcting yourself.


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