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Ways to Make Your Gym Ambiance in 2022

What makes people want to join your gym? And what saves them from coming back? The atmosphere is a significant factor. How do you create an atmosphere that inspires and engages your customers?

Music, décor, lighting, and staff all play important roles. Let’s look at each of these factors in turn.


The music playing in your gym affects your customers’ moods. Uplifting music with a strong beat helps people power through their workouts. As great as those power ballads are, people don’t usually crush their personal best while listening to ‘My Heart Will Go On.”

However, just having a radio or CD player in the angle won’t cut it. It will be too loud for those closest to it, but people on the other side of the room will hardly be able to hear. Consider installing a sound system to ensure consistent levels. These don’t have to be expensive, and flexible financing options like leasing make a range of quality systems reasonable.

You can also take your music to the next level by creating a bespoke radio station for your gym. Companies such as make this simple – you combine tunes that work together to create a pumped, stimulating atmosphere. Plus, you can include adverts for your business between songs to help endorse special offers and encourage repeat visits.


The best commercial flooring company and Atmosphere and décor go hand in hand. Nobody wants to work out in a sterile, characterless box of a room.

Add motivational quotes to the walls to give people something to focus on while using the equipment. Use pops of color that match your brand to liven up areas. Install strategically placed plants, sculptures, or artwork to inspire your members. Commission professional photographs that capture what’s unique about your brand. Not only will they give the gym a distinctive ambiance, but you can also use them in your marketing.


Lighting is fundamental to creating the right atmosphere.

Don’t make your customers work out in the dim. Likewise, don’t blind them with overly bright white light. Consider natural light from windows or skylights to help with the atmosphere. Plus, in today’s social media age, gym goers want perfect lighting to take those post-workout selfies.

If your studio is used for various activities, dimmable lights are helpful. Create bright, uplifting illumination for spin classes and tone it down to a calming glow for pilates and yoga.

Discos lights and even glitter balls can help turn an average Zumba class into a party knowledge that customers will return to again and again.

In changing rooms, warm lighting in front of mirrors is gratifying to the skin and perfect for smearing makeup or styling hair after a bath. Use 2 x 2 Rubber Gym Floor Tile and improve the flooring.Think about how you want gym goers to texture in each space, and then project the illumination accordingly.


Your staff is part of your brand, and they need to create the correct imprint. They should be optimistic, approachable, and confident. Having happy, smiling instructors who you can have a laugh with puts members at ease and makes them more willing to ask questions. Equally, bored, inaccessible staff can put people off returning.

Your staff should look professional but comfortable and appropriately dressed for the gym setting. They should be easily identifiable so that customers know who to approach if they need guidance.

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