Voting is under way for the French presidential election

The second round of voting is underway in the French presidential election. Voting has started from 8 am local time on Sunday and will continue till 8 pm. Today is a holiday in most parts of France. Voter turnout is expected to be low. News from the BBC.

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Incumbent Emanuel Macron won the first round of voting on April 10. Mary Le Pen, a right-wing candidate from the Rasselment National Party, is fighting against him.

Macron said he would address the nation at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in the evening, whatever the outcome of the vote.

Emanuel Macron came to power in 2016 with the promise of a big change. But the cost of living has been rising during his rule. As a result, many who voted for him before do not want him anymore. Macron’s opponents have called him arrogant and rich president. On the other hand, the right-wing Mary Le Pen has been accused of having a close relationship with Russian President Putin.

According to a BBC report, Mary Le Pen lost to Macron in the second round in 2016. Learning from the mistakes he made at the time, he is running for president for the third time. If he loses this time, he will have to collect talpi from the polling station.

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