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The Mighty is a convection-based Hybrid vaporizer that produces thick, delicious clouds. The Volcano Vaporizer Australia success has earned Storz and Bickel a great reputation in the industry.
Clean vapour is given to your body thanks to its PEEK structure, which eliminates the risk of any manufacturing waste or debris.

With the innovative cooling device, it’s incredibly easy to draw through. It performs admirably both on land and in water. An MSRP of $349 is listed for this home-portable gadget. Even while it can fit in some pockets, most people won’t want to carry about such a large device.

How To Make The Most Of

Out of the box, the S&B Mighty is really easy to use. I recommend recharging the battery before using your gadget. Wait a few minutes before putting in your food. To make it easier to maintain your oven clean, there are dosing capsules available. Pre-loading for the road is also a breeze with these capsules. Your vaporizer is ready to go! Right on track. You may now connect your air conditioner. Before turning on your vaporizer, carefully twist the cooling unit into place and make sure it is secure.

The orange power button on the side of our storz & bickel mighty may be used to start it up. Temperature readings will be shown on the LED screen when the machine is powered on. By using the plus and minus buttons, you may fine-tune the thermostat. In order to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, hold down both the + and – temp buttons simultaneously.
The Haptic Feedback will also alert you when your device has reached the temperature you’ve specified. Give it a try and see what happens! After that, don’t worry if you fall asleep on the couch. After two minutes of operation at the selected temperature, your device will shut down automatically. To restart the timer, simply click the power button. By double-tapping the power button at 410F, you may activate turbo mode.


  • Battery life that lasts for up to six to eight sessions.
  • A desktop vaporizer competitor that is both portable and secure thanks to the included stand.
  • Storz and Bickel quality, guaranteed by a two-year warranty that can be repaired in the United States, is astounding through water.
  • Some of the smoothest and coldest vapour may be found thanks to the patented cooling mechanism.


  • As a result, it’s best to store the device in a bag or case rather than in a pocket.
  • It’s not an entry-level price point.
  • In order to charge on the road without a Car Charger, you’ll need to use DC power.
  • This timer is just 2 minutes long and it would be nice if this was configurable.
  • The haptic feedback cannot be turned off.

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