US Senator Lifts Hold On Joe Biden’s Ambassador Pick For India Eric Garcetti

A powerful Republican Senator has lifted the “hold” on the Senate confirmation of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been nominated by US President Joe Biden as the country’s next ambassador to India.
In a notice to the Senate on March 10, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley had said that he intended to object to Garcetti’s nomination to be the Ambassador to India.
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“I will object because I have received numerous credible allegations from multiple whistleblowers alleging that Mr. Garcetti, while mayor of Los Angeles, had knowledge of sexual harassment and assaults allegedly committed against multiple city employees and their associates by his close adviser and that he ignored the misconduct,” according to Senator Grassley.

“The allegations involving the mayor’s office have been the subject of public reporting and a purportedly independent investigation. However, serious questions remain regarding the alleged misconduct, as well as the mayor’s knowledge of that misconduct,” the Senator had said.

Garcetti, 51, has been the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, California’s largest and America’s second-largest city, since 2013.

On Tuesday, Grassley’s office said the review comprises interviews with 15 witnesses as well as examinations of 26 depositions and other documentary evidence, including e-mails and text messages.

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