US military aid to Ukraine begins

Recently, US President Joe Biden announced an additional 600 million in military aid to Ukraine, and equipment has begun to arrive in the country. A White House official was quoted as saying by CNN on Sunday.

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CNN says some US military aid shipments have begun arriving in Ukraine. Earlier last week, Biden approved a proposal to provide an additional  600 million in military aid to Ukraine. News from the BBC

The president then said the approval would include new weapons designed to counter Russia’s “larger offensive”.

The Biden administration has pledged over 3 billion in military aid to Ukraine, including an additional  600 million.

Russia, meanwhile, has warned in a letter that the United States could face “unforeseen consequences” if it does not suspend its arms embargo on Ukraine.

The letter said the United States was “fueling the conflict” with “extremely sensitive” weapons and equipment to Ukraine, which could lead to “unforeseen consequences.”

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