US-China talks on Ukraine issue

US-China talks

The Ukraine issue has been discussed between the United States and China. On Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng, an unprecedented event. The United States said in a statement that the move was made to discuss the current situation in Ukraine and its security situation.

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China, meanwhile, confirmed in a statement that talks between the two countries were under way and urged the United States not to involve China in the Ukraine issue. He also called on the Chinese defense minister not to escalate military tensions at sea.

The United States has been pressuring China since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict to keep the country afloat. In such a situation, news of talks between Washington and Beijing came.

China, on the other hand, declares that the annexation of Taiwan to the mainland and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are not the same thing. There is no similarity between these two issues.

Russia, meanwhile, has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile called the Sarmat. President Vladimir Putin has boasted of a nuclear-capable missile that would make enemies think twice.

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