Uncovering the Top Reasons to Ride the Indian Railways

Train journeys are refreshing and the reasons are pleasant window views, broader and more comfortable seats, and cheap food and beverages. Railways are a befitting means of transportation. A significant number of people prefer to travel by rail as compared to other mediums. Consequently, everyone’s favorite Indian Railways is growing from strength to strength. After the incorporation of digitisation in IRCTC trains, everything has become easily accessible with one click.

Online platforms like RailMitra have made it as easy as ABC for train passengers to keep themselves fully updated. If you know how to access the internet, the world of information is at your fingertips. For instance, you can do a PNR status live check on mobile or monitor live train status. Amazing? With so many facilities, why would you not travel via train? Indian Railways offers an array of unique advantages that can’t be found anywhere else. So, if you are about to travel somewhere, look no further than IRCTC trains.

Striking Features That Make Indian Railways Your Go-To Medium of Transportation

Allows sightseeing

Some of the most spectacular scenarios can only be witnessed from the window of a moving train. A train passes through some fantastic routes where no bus or car can go. You can explore lush forests, untouched lakes, mountains, and remote villages with trains. When you commute via IRCTC trains, you can witness incredible scenic views. Sit on your comfortable train couch and notice how beautiful our country is. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the never-ending views.

Minimum chances of delays

Unlike flights, where delays or cancellations are pretty normal, IRCTC trains are less prone to delays or cancellations. A train journey is full of ease and suffers no such issues. Even if there is any unfortunate delay, there are online platforms like RailMitra where you can check the live train status of your train. It means you can easily track the current location of your train through RailMitra’s official app or website. Keep yourself updated with RailMitra and plan your journey accordingly to gain the best travel experience.

Indian railways have a vast network, and most trains run daily. Cancellations are few and far between.


Trains are fast, modern, punctual and great time-savers. Trains run on time as they stick to specific timetables. Despite all these advantages, a train journey is pocket friendly. You can travel solo or in a group with your friends and family. It’s budget-friendly and saves a handsome amount of your travel expenses. If we draw a comparison between travelling by air and travelling by train track, Rails are far more cost-saving. It suits every class of society, be it the elite or middle class.

Exquisite food on train

The most significant advantage of travelling by train is food. With online e-catering coming into existence, you can order national, international, and regional(local)cuisines anytime. Online e-catering vendors have all sorts of dishes to offer. Hence, with the introduction of online food partners, carrying food from home is unnecessary. Place your order via any authorised vendor and they will deliver your hot seal-packed food to your train seat.

RailMitra is a trusted food partner of IRCTC and the most prominent food distributor on trains. It delivers hygienically cooked food to its passengers in no time. With RailMitra, you can choose your favourite restaurant and desired food. You won’t be charged a single penny as the food delivery is entirely free of cost. Go to RailMitra’s official app or website and select your desired food now. Remember, you don’t have to seek the food because the food is seeking you.

GPS-based tracking of IRCTC trains

In this technology-driven world, nothing seems impossible. Now, a train traveller can easily detect where his train is. IRCTC has added a feather to its cap by accepting the digitisation of Indian Railways. People commuting via train are no longer dependent on station counters as they have become self-dependent. A big thanks to technology as it has played a crucial role. With the help of some effective “where is my train” apps, you can effortlessly detect the live location of your train.

RailMitra is one of the best live train status locator apps that uses real-time GPS location and tracking mechanisms., Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and highly technical programming help track your train’s live location. When you follow your train’s whereabouts, you get an idea about the estimated arrival and departure of the train at the source station. Consequently, you can effectively devise a strategy for your train journey. Keep an eye on the live location of your train and avoid wasting your time unnecessarily.

PNR status live check on mobile

Whenever you book a train ticket, the Indian Railways reservation system randomly generates a unique 10-digit number. This 10-digit PNR number is printed on the top left side of your ticket. This PNR number holds some vital information about a traveller. PNR is a contracted form of Passenger Name Record. The digital identification of a train traveller is stored in the database for the record of Indian Railways authorities.

You should understand the importance of the PNR in Indian Railways. It plays a crucial role in knowing the reservation status of a train traveller. You can quickly check the live status of your train ticket through the PNR number. If you are hungry and want to satisfy your hunger, you can order meals through your PNR number. Let me tell you a top secret; you can travel without a ticket if you remember the PNR number of your train ticket. PNR number is of utmost importance in your train journey. Consequently, a passenger is advised to do a PNR status frequently live check on mobile.

Live PNR predictor

It is something that has powerfully changed the way of travelling. We designed it in such a way that anyone can easily understand the confirmation chances of his ticket. It shows the PNR prediction analysis in percentage to make things easy-peasy for you. Another key point is it shows the confirmation probability in terms of high, medium and low categories. The critical aspect that makes RailMitra stand apart is its ability to predict your ticket’s confirmation chances accurately. The PNR prediction made by RailMitra is 99% precise. Isn’t it very close to perfection?

Now, Imagine a situation where you earned a 90% score. Well, in this case, the ticket will be confirmed on the journey date. Now, imagine another situation where you managed to secure only 20%. Here, in this case, the confirmation possibility is low. It means your ticket would move to a lower waiting list number but won’t be confirmed on the journey date. Don’t you think it is quite transparent?

RailMitra, with its transparent and accurate prediction, makes everything crystal clear. It helps to determine whether you will get the privilege of a confirmed ticket.


Train journeys are more relaxed than they were two or three decades ago. With online platforms like RailMitra, you can easily plan and execute your trip. In this era of technology, Indian Railways are not untouched. It has become a modern, punctual, and reliable source of travelling. When Indian Railways has so much to offer its passengers, there is no need to travel via any other medium.

Whenever you travel, install the RailMitra app or visit its official website to do a PNR status live check on mobile. Once you are done with it, begin your journey confidently. With RailMitra as your travel partner, the chances of any inconvenience are minimum.

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