UN warns of food crisis over Ukraine war

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that the effects of the war are being felt around the world.

The United Nations has warned that the war in Ukraine could lead to a food and energy crisis in many parts of the world.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate end to hostilities in Ukraine.

The first report of the Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance was released in New York on Wednesday (April 13th). Speaking on the occasion, the UN Secretary General said, “The effects of the war are being felt all over the world. The effects are systematic. At least 1.7 billion people worldwide are suffering from food and fuel shortages and the economic crisis, one-third of whom are now living in poverty. “

At the moment, Guterres says, “at least 36 countries in the world are directly affected by the war in Ukraine, because those 36 countries import half of their wheat demand from Russia and Ukraine.”

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“The food and energy crisis is pushing many ‘poor’ countries towards social and political instability, which is very worrying,” he added.

“If Ukraine does not end the war as soon as possible, the crisis could escalate,” he said. So we have to do something now. ”

At the same time, Antonio Guterres called for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine, the lifting of export sanctions, investment in renewable energy production and increased financial assistance to developing countries.

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