UN Secretary-General’s visit to Russia is unfair and unreasonable: Zelensky

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has sharply criticized UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ decision to visit Moscow ahead of his visit to Kiev . This is according to a report in the Kiev Post , a Ukrainian-based news outlet .

Speaking to reporters in Kiev on Sunday , Zelensky said , “It is absolutely wrong to go to Russia without coming to Ukraine before the UN Secretary General . There is no justice and no reason in this visit . ‘

‘The war is taking place in Ukraine . There are no bodies lying on the streets of Moscow . It would have been logical to come to Ukraine first and see the plight of the people here and know the consequences of this war , ” he added .

Zelensky claims that more than 1,000 civilians have been killed in and around Kiev alone . _ _ Guterres will meet with Putin next Tuesday and with Zelensky on Thursday . Earlier , he was scheduled to visit Turkey . _ Guterres assists UN staff in Ukraine _ Will also discuss increasing .

Guterres accused Russia of violating the UN Charter through a ” special military operation ” in Ukraine on February 24 . Since then , Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to establish any contact with Guterres . Guterres has only been on the telephone once with Zelenski since the start of the Russian offensive Talked . _ They spoke on the phone on February 26 , two days after the attack .

Meanwhile , the United Nations said in a statement on Saturday night that Guterres would travel to Ankara , Turkey , before visiting Moscow and Kiev . On April 25, he will meet with Turkish President Erdogan .

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