Ukrainian billionaire calls on army to blow up palace

A Ukrainian billionaire recently ordered his country’s military to bomb his newly built palace. The Russian army fired rockets at Kiev after occupying the palace and building a base. Andrei Stavnitsar is the CEO of TransInvestervice.

He fled Ukraine after the war and moved to Poland. But via a webcam attached to his palace, he saw Russian troops occupying his palace and gathering all kinds of military equipment. Seeing this, he called on the Ukrainian armed forces to drop bombs on his palace. News from NDTV.

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“It was a kind of clear decision for me,” the billionaire said in an interview with the Good Morning Britain show. He said he was “annoyed” to see Russian troops roaming around his house and using it as a base.

He added that although he escaped, his security guards left him at the palace. But Russian security forces snatched the security guards’ mobile phones and tortured them naked.

This time around, he claimed, his palace was occupied by Russian troops, who also looted nearby homes.

“I saw Russian soldiers looting from other houses and bringing things into my house,” said Andrei Stevnitsar. I have seen them load TVs, iPads, computers and personal belongings into trucks from those homes. I’m bored. I was upset to see some people walking inside my house.

Andrei Stevnitsar also said on the occasion that he saw 12 military vehicles kept in his house. A few vehicles were equipped with tornado rocket launchers. They can hit objects up to 40 kilometers away. In fact, they were attacking Kiev from his home.

He concluded the interview by saying that he wanted to do everything possible to help Ukraine win. Because I think we are acting as the security guard of Europe and it is very important for us to kick that jar out of our land. That’s all I could do.

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