Ukraine should come to an agreement with Russia: Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned philosopher and linguist, believes that the affected country should come to terms with Russia, even after wreaking havoc in Ukraine for fear of being wiped out by the “crossfire” of nuclear war.

This was reported by the Jerusalem Post on Monday.

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“Everyone needs to look at global realities,” Chomsky said in an interview with Current Affairs Magazine on April 13.

He says Ukraine must show flexibility in dealing with Russia’s demands.

Explaining the issue, Professor Chomsky said, “The policy we are following now is to continue fighting until the last Ukrainian survives. If this policy is followed, there is a danger of nuclear war. In addition, another option is a diplomatic solution. This solution will not be a pleasant thing for everyone. Because it will basically pave the way for Putin and his close associates to escape this war.

He added: “We know the key is to ensure a” neutral position “in Ukraine. With the reality of the Danube region, that is, the establishment of a wide range of autonomy in the region within the federal structure of Ukraine, and whether we accept it or not, it must be understood that no claims to Crimea are on the table.

Chomsky added, “You can’t accept this reality. Suppose we know that there will be a cyclone tomorrow. Now you can’t stop a storm by saying ‘I don’t like cyclones’ or ‘I don’t believe in the existence of cyclones’.

Noting that he would not criticize Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski, Chomsky said in an interview: “Zelensky is working with a lot of courage. If you see him from his place, you will understand or there will be sympathy towards him. ‘

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