Ukraine prepares to avenge 900 bodies of civilians in Kiev

he Russian military may not easily accept the humiliation of Moscow’s sinking – that is what Ukraine has assumed. So the Kiev government says it is preparing to retaliate.

Meanwhile, the Russian forces are not allowing Moscow to cut the resh. Attacks continue in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv. Kiev has killed at least 900 civilians in the past few days, according to the city’s police administration.

According to the BBC and CNN, the head of Kiev’s police department, Andrei Nievitov, reported on Friday (April 15th) local time that the bodies of about 900 civilians had been recovered from various locations since the withdrawal of Russian troops from the region. The bodies have also been sent to the forensic department for examination.

Niyevitov added that most of the dead were ordinary villagers. Signs of torture were found on the bodies of many of them.

Meanwhile, Pavlo Kirilenko, head of the Ukrainian military administration in the Donetsk region, said on state television that the situation in the region was deteriorating. Missile and air strikes have also increased. However, the attack is being repulsed.

At least 10 people, including a seven-month-old baby, were killed in a missile strike in Kharkiv on Friday night, according to the Kharkiv General Prosecutor’s Social Media Telegram.

On the other hand, clear information about the Moscow crew is still not available from the Kremlin. Citing an unconfirmed Ukrainian source, The Guardian reports that 14 Moscow sailors have arrived in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Russia has also claimed that the sailors evacuated before the cruiser sank.

However, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry wrote on social media that Moscow’s Captain Anton Kuprin had also died during the sinking.

Andrei Medvedev, a deputy in Moscow’s city parliament, said in a post that the Moscow cruiser was probably hit by a Western missile. According to him, NATO has a hand in this attack and it should be looked into thoroughly.

“We are not fighting Ukraine, we are fighting NATO,” he wrote. Our forces are being attacked with the help of NATO. At the same time, he acknowledged that Moscow was not as technologically advanced.

In short, the sinking of Moscow could now lead to two things. First, Russian forces could become more aggressive if they hit the ground running. It may be seen again that the morale of the Russian forces has also sunk with this ship.However, Russia does not claim that the damage was significant.

However, Ukrainian President Zelensky is not complacent about Moscow’s fate. He told CNN that since Putin was not paying the price for the lives of the Ukrainian people, he could at any time direct the use of nuclear or chemical weapons.

In line with Zelensky’s concerns, CIA Director Bill Burns said last Thursday that Putin’s use of nuclear weapons was being closely monitored. So far, however, there has been no indication of Russia’s readiness to use nuclear weapons.

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