Two trains facing each other in one line

Two long-distance trains collided on the same line near Dadar station in Maharashtra around 10 pm on Friday. But since the drivers are already alert, it has been possible to avoid major accidents. However, three bogies of a train derailed.

According to Indian media, both the trains were slow at the time of the incident. Moreover, the drivers of the two trains saw another train approaching on the same track from opposite directions. As a result, they were able to stop the two trains in time. However, it is possible to avoid major accidents, but several bogies derailed.

According to railway sources, three bogies of Pondicherry Express derailed in the accident. As a result, normal service on the Central Railway was disrupted for some time. The passengers are in trouble. At that time, many of them left for home after working all day. But due to this accident local and long distance trains stopped at different places. As a result, passengers have to wait a long time to reach their destination.

According to the latest news, work has started to remove the derailed compartments and remove the train. But the railway authorities did not say when the work would be completed or how long it would take to alleviate the suffering of the passengers. As a result, crowds of passengers were seen at different stations till late at night.

Passengers complained that the two trains collided on the same line forgetting the concerned staff. As a rule, instead of changing the position of the connecting parts of the rail line according to the train schedule, they are connected with different lines as required. But in this case, the urgent work was not done in time. If the speed of a train was high at that time, then big accidents could happen. However, as the drivers were aware, no incident took place in the end.

But they have to pull the emergency brake to avoid the accident. As a result, three bogies of a train derailed. From then on, all trains coming and going from platforms 3, 4 and 6 of Dadar station were suspended indefinitely.

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