Two students from Karnataka could not take the exam wearing hijab

Five female students from the Indian state of Karnataka have approached the high court challenging the decision to ban hijab in educational institutions. This time, two of the five students were not allowed to sit for the exam because they wanted to take the exam after hijab. The incident happened on Friday.

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The two students who failed the exam were Alia Asadi and Resham. They are students of Government PU Girls College, Udupi District, Karnataka. Friday was their business education exam. They went to Vidyodaya PU College Center in Udupi to take the test. Everyone’s test starts at 10:15. After hijab, the two students went to the center to take the test. At that time, they requested the college authorities to allow them to take the exam while wearing hijab. The college authorities also sat down to discuss about this. But after 45 minutes of discussion, the college authorities informed the students that they would not be allowed to sit for the examination after wearing hijab. The two students then left the examination center, informing the authorities that they would not take off their hijabs.

Five students of PU Girls College, including Alia and Resham, had filed a petition in the high court challenging the state government’s decision after the Karnataka government banned hijab in educational institutions. The court upheld the state government’s decision to ban the hijab, saying the hijab could not be worn in educational institutions. Earlier, during the 10th class board examination, an inspector was expelled from the SSLC examination center in Karnataka after wearing hijab.

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