Two policemen have been fired for posting videos of youths on Facebook

Two members of the district Gonda police have been suspended for posting videos of youths sitting in Dharmasagar Park in Comilla city and spreading them on social media. They were suspended on Thursday (April 14) night.

The sacked are Nazrul Islam and Roman Habib Robin.

Comilla Superintendent of Police Farooq Ahmed confirmed the matter and said he had seen the video on social media. Some people reported the matter verbally. They were suspended on the night of April 14 after the investigation proved the allegations. Besides, departmental action will be taken against them.

The viral video shows young people sitting in a corner of Comilla’s Nagar Udyan on New Year’s Day. At that time, a member of the detective police went in front of them to make a video from behind and wanted to know their identity. He made them stand and asked one question after another.

At that time, another policeman next to him called her ‘Tui’ while asking her to open her mask. After that, the policeman who went to know the identity said to the young man, “Muraya Chhatna Chiralalamu at once.”

The detectives asked for the phone number of the girl’s father at that time, they kept apologizing for fear and the girl’s father was living abroad, the boy said. Then someone from the side kept saying, ‘I will come from abroad now, otherwise I will take him to the office. The guardian will come and take him from the office. ‘ In the one minute and 10 second video, the boy is seen apologizing several times. However, the police members did not listen.

When the video was spread on social media, the civil society protested.
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Badrul Huda Jenu, former president of Comilla, a conscious citizen committee, said the police could record videos of anything to maintain law and order. However, it is very unfair to spread the video of young people through social media. As members of the police we do not expect such work. If they made a suicidal decision, who would take responsibility for it?

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