Twilight of the Tigris: Iraq's mighty river drying up

Hellish summers see the mercury top a blistering 50 degrees Celsius — near the limit of human endurance — with frequent power cuts shutting down air-conditioning for millions.


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(Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

The attack comes a day after a roadside bomb killed at least nine federal policemen near the northern oil city of Kirkuk on Sunday.

Responsibility for that attack was claimed by Islamic State militants.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Islamic State militants are active in the area.

Iraq declared victory over the group, which once held large swathes of the country, in December 2017.

(Reporting by Mustafa Mahmoud; Writing by Raya Jalabi; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

On Tuesday, four Iraqi federal policemen were killed after a bomb went off southwest of Kirkuk, two security sources told Reuters.

It followed an attack on Monday on a village 65 km (40 miles) southwest of Kirkuk, which killed three residents.

The Sunni extremist group claimed responsibility late Monday for the Kirkuk attack, claiming it killed five Shiites in their agricultural fields in al-Rashad area in Kirkuk and set fire to five vehicles.

It said its fighters clashed with a supporting unit from the federal police and destroyed one of their vehicles.

Oct 27 (Reuters) – Islamic State claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a village in Diyala province east of Iraq, the militant group said on Wednesday in a statement posted on an affiliated Telegram account.

Iraq, still recovering from decades of war, is now facing new environment challenges on an unprecedented scale: since mid-April it has weathered a dozen dust storms that have often shrouded it in an otherworldly orange glow.

BAQUBA, Iraq, Oct 26 (Reuters) – Islamic State militants killed 11 people including a woman on Tuesday in an attack on a village in Diyala province, east of Iraq, the country’s Joint Operations Command said in a statement.

BAGHDAD (AP) – Militants from the Islamic State group killed 12 civilians and wounded at least six in two separate attacks in Iraq, apparently taking advantage of a sandstorm that sharply reduced visibility across the country, security officials said Tuesday.

At the time, IS held a third Iraq’s territory and the Iran-backed militias were critical to boosting the Iraqi government forces, which aided by the U.S.-led coalition eventually defeated the Islamic State group.

Its fighters have regrouped in the Hemrin mountain range in the northeast, which extends from Diyala province on the border with Iran across northern Salahuddin province and into southern Kirkuk.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, although Islamic State militants are active in the area.

In December 2017, Iraq declared victory over the group, which once controlled large swathes of the country.

Several American and Iraqi troops were also wounded. service members are based. A U.S.

defense contractor was killed Friday in a rocket attack at a different Iraqi military compound near Kirkuk where U.S.

Ghalib Al-Atyia in Diyala Province. Two cows were spotted by residents in Al Islah, Iraq, on Saturday, strapped with explosive vests on the northern side of the village, according to police commander Col.

Video footage shows the fire raging across the hospital as the flames reach the top of the building (left).

In the video, a loud bang can be heard as a huge flash of light (right) fills the dark sky as an oxygen tank explodes.

The fire caused many of the oxygen tanks designated to support the

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