Turnstile Equipment Your Security Solution

turnstile equipment is a security solution made for big public events. This kind of turnstile is the most common type of turnstile, and it can be used to prevent people from entering or leaving a specific area. Event managers might use this equipment to control the flow of people passing through an event space at specific times.

What is a turnstile?

Turnstile systems are a form of security that can be found in many public venues. These systems consist of a series of rotating barriers that allow patrons to pass through, but not exit. A turnstile system is an effective way to prevent unauthorized access to areas where sensitive information is stored or processed. In fact, turnstiles can also help deter crime by providing an additional deterrent for criminals.

What are the benefits of using turnstiles?

There are several benefits to using turnstiles instead of other forms of security. First, they are easy to install and maintain. Second, they are relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain. Third, turnstiles are effective at preventing unauthorized access, especially when used in combination with other security measures such as video surveillance or keycard readers. Finally, turnstiles can be used in a variety of settings, including commercial and institutional buildings.

How do turnstiles work?

Turnstiles work by using a card reader to identify the patron’s identity and allow them through the barrier. Patrons must insert their ID card into the card reader before entering the barrier area. The card reader then prints out a ticket that will indicate the time the patron entered the

Types of turnstiles

There are a few types of turnstile equipment that you may encounter in your security solutions. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The most common type of turnstile is the flipper type. This is a simple, basic design that uses a lever to open and close the gate. Flipper turnstiles are easy to operate, but they can be easily bypassed by someone who has physical access to the area.

Another common type of turnstile is the sensor turnstile. These gates use sensors to detect when someone is approaching and then automatically open. This type of turnstile is more secure than the flipper type because it can’t be easily bypassed, but it can be more difficult to use because you have to remember which button to press in order to open the gate.

The last type of turnstile is the card swipe type. These gates use cards instead of levers, so you need to insert your card into a slot on the side of the gate before you can pass through. This type of turnstile is generally easier to use than the sensor turnstile because you don’t have to remember which button to press, but it’s less secure because

How to Operate a Turnstile

A turnstile is an important part of security for many businesses. By understanding how to operate a turnstile, you can help keep your business safe and secure.

Five Safety Precautions for Using a Turnstile

In order to keep your business safe and secure, take the following safety precautions when using turnstiles:

  1. Always use caution when opening and closing turnstiles. Make sure that you are using the correct key and that the turnstile is properly locked.
  2. Keep all personal belongings out of reach of the turnstiles. Do not leave anything behind that could be used to open the turnstile or tamper with the security mechanism.
  3. If you are ever confronted by someone trying to open a turnstile that you cannot access, do not try to confront them; instead, contact your security team immediately.
  4. Only allow authorized personnel access to your business through the turnstiles. Do not let anyone into your business who you do not know or trust.
  5. always maintain a safe distance from the turnstiles while they are in use, and do not lean against them or obstruct their movement in any way.


We’ve all seen turnstiles in airports, stadiums, and other large venues. They are an essential part of security, preventing unauthorized people from entering or exiting a particular area. In this article, we will discuss the different types of turnstile equipment and how you can make sure your business is safe and compliant with current security regulations. Whether you need to update your existing turnstiles or design new ones from scratch, our team at Security Concepts can help you get started on the right track.


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